People had to know the truth, the facts, everything that was possible to prove. People had to understand why something exists instead of nothing, who we are, where do we come from, to go where, why and how to build future. My task was to make it known. Without speaking. Without making other myths. Humbly. With precise determination. There was no way it could be prevented. Neither with unjust sentences accuses and detention, neither with assaults, blackmail, threats or violence. People had to know who were the thief, the liars and the corrupted. People had to find out lies and deceits of the past, and act consequently. They did it, and it became the beginning of the new reality.

1. The new reality.

There are more than seven billion human beings living on Earth.

The first rule is the planet is everyone’s. Borders don’t exist.

There’s freedom. Every person lives in the maximum possible freedom and independence without harming others.

There’s equality. Every person has the same rights and duties.

There’s justice. Every person receives according to its own skills and needs.

There’s democracy. Every person at least sixteen years old can take part as voter and candidate in the formation of the governmental bodies of the communities in which he lives and of the one’s of the whole planet.

There’s well being. Every person disposes of the material and spiritual conditions to satisfy its own needs and desires without excesses.

There’s development. Each person can improve according to its own nature and character.

There’s safety. The society in its entirety respects and defends each person.

There’s solidarity. Each person does what he/she can in order to improve also the others’ lives.

There’s peace. Every person has reduced the conflicts with others.

Human beings love themselves, look for each other, and help themselves. They trust. Each one feels part of a whole that he knows he can affect and is conscious that his individual conditions depend on the whole.

Everyone disposes of space, energy, water and food sufficient to one’s own needs and maximum individual development.

Everyone does what’s possible to keep healthy. Untreatable illnesses don’t exist. Medical treatment is free.

Everyone knows how to write and read. There’s a diffused high social communication.

Everyone has a house where to live on his one or with others.

Production satisfies everyone’s essential needs. Workers manage productive activities. Groups of enterprises for each economic sector ensure full employment and equilibrium between supply and demand of products and services.

Every enterprise disposes of the production means in order to develop itself. Everyone has consumer durable goods in a sufficient amount for a comfortable life. Services are high quality and lo price.

Environment is healing rapidly.

Savings and financial means are employed entirely in real economy and in public utility services. Enterprises work in synergy and profits are addressed towards new investments. Most payments among enterprises are carried out through clearing.

The media are objective and timely.

Personal security is general and violence is an exception.

Person and goods transport is swift and efficient.

Payments are carried out by data communication at very low costs.

Nobody builds weapons anymore.

Different applied research centres assure the rapid diffusion of scientific and technological innovations.

There are no conflicts between social groups. Individual behaviours and human relations are based on collaboration and solidarity.

Human society is organised in lots of communities electing directly their own legislative, executive and judicial bodies. A world government directly elected by all the inhabitants of the planet at least sixteen years old assures each human being freedom, justice, democracy, well-being, development, solidarity and peace.

There are no national currencies but community currencies representing real values and a world currency based on the value of work.

Maximum and average lasting of human life are increasing constantly.

What happened? Were did it all start? What was done? Who did it? How was it done? When was it done? Why was it done?

2. What happened?

The new reality is the result of a deep change. Human beings are listened and understood. They’ve done it for necessity, to keep living and to improve everyone’s life. The view of reality has changed. The way problems are perceived and faced has changed. Ideas and mentalities have changed. Reason has finally leaded instinct. Actions, individual and group behaviours have changed. Personal relations have changed. The whole humanity has changed its relation with the environment. Natural resources have been redistributed according to the real utilisation possibilities of each person. Social behaviour rules have been made easier.

Each person has well understood what can be done in order to be free and what mustn’t be done in order to avoid limiting everyone’s freedom, one’s own included. Everyone has understood the natural and artificial obstacles that prevent the full individual development of each human being. They’ve understood human nature and they’ve felt the necessity of changing their character. They’ve given themselves possible aims. They’ve taken part with faith to a new process to build future. They’ve done that together. Despite resistances, interruptions and delays. Resistances have been absorbed, interruptions have been useful to start again with more vigour and delays have been filled.

3. Where did it all start?

The situation seemed irreversible. Six and a half billion people. Average life expectance was less than 65 years. One billion illiterates. An average yearly world GDP of about 17 dollars a day per capita, of which two thirds rising from services. One third of the GDP spent by the states. Military expenses were almost par to energy costs. About 300 million people out of work. More than a billion and a half poor people. More than fifty wars being fought.

Less than a quarter of the inhabitants of the planet used three quarters of all the natural resources available. One person out of four had nine times as much wealth as each one of the other three. The one per thousand had more than half of all the wealth on Earth. One out of six had ten times as much energy as each one of the other five. More than half didn’t have enough drinkable water. One out of eight didn’t have food and more than one thousand children per hour used to die of hunger. More than half used to die due to curable illnesses because they couldn’t take care of themselves. One out of five couldn’t read or write. Three out of four didn’t have means in order to communicate with the others.

There was no economic planning in order to overcome poverty and hunger. There were no concrete national development plans. Enterprises were lacking and therefore also the possibility to work in order to produce. Economy was affected by recurrent recession cycles worsening the situation of the poorest. One person out of four didn’t have enough production means and couldn’t work. Only one out of six disposed of a sufficient amount of consumer durable goods. The cost of services used to affect the prices of products for more than the 70 per cent. Pollution was destroying the entire environment progressively and according the most authoritative forecasts the planet’s condition would have become irreversible within ten years time.

Less than the five per cent of money was employed in real economy. Less than the ten per cent of savings was addressed towards productive purposes. More than half the produced wealth was addressed outside productive economy. Less than one thousand multinational companies used to control the whole economy and the markets. Enterprises produced less than the seventy per cent of what they could. Exchanges where carried out with currencies with no real value. Less than five hundred people controlled information and used it according to their exclusive interests. Personal security systems were completely inadequate to the real risks.

Viability wasn’t sufficient and circulation was getting more and more chaotic. Financial and monetary transactions were getting more and more slow and expensive. Military expenses were three times the amount sufficient to win hunger worldwide. Only the one per cent of the wealth produced each year was addressed to science and research. In order to survive human beings were forced to become more egoist.

Two persons out of three didn’t know democracy and one out of three lived in apparent democratic states. Currencies had no real value anymore and were only accepted because they were legal tender. With these currencies, states put together debts for over two thirds of the world GDP and in twenty years the world’s public debt would have exceeded yearly wealth.

4. What was done?

The use and production of clean energy (wind, hydroelectric, nuclear, biologic and solar power) was developed on the entire planet. The amount of disposable water was increased and its distribution improved.

Food was given for three years to almost eight hundred million starving people. Health conditions were improved through research, therapy and prevention.

Culture and information were strengthened, teaching illiterates how to read and write. More than 250 thousand interactive social communication centres similar to agora were spread, each one linked to all the others. People have had the occasion to meet and get to know other people and discuss about everyone’s real problems.

Regional and sectorial production plans were set addressed towards developing the weakest areas of the planet. Economic development plans were made, especially in the areas with the lowest per capita average yield. About 350 thousand new enterprises were made in each sector creating more than eighty million employees in three years and another eight million in the next three. A new economic system was established with about one million enterprises managed by workers, with fifty million employed workers and another one hundred million employed in induced activities.

Each new enterprise has conceived its own productive unit causing an enormous worldwide production means development. The production of consumer durable goods for continuous utilisation was developed. Low-cost high-quality services for enterprises and private persons were developed. A concrete program for the depollution of air, water and soil was started.

A new system of financial relations for real economy was made. Savings were addressed towards productive purposes. All the wealth possible was reinvested for production purposes. A new system of corporate and trade relations among enterprises raised in order to maximise investments and use of resources. The full use of the enterprises’ productive potential was reached by bartering production means and finished products with raw materials. A system of commercial payments by means of a world compensation centre was introduced.

An interactive via ether informative system spread allowing everyone to receive real time answers for every problem. A global personal security system spread with 315 thousand ready intervention centres. A new air circulation system was made using vertical takeoff vehicles for singles and groups. A telematic bank that could be used with all communication means spread. War industry was entirely converted in other productions. A world applied research centre was made.

The necessity of a contextual and programmed reform of social, civil, politic and economic relations and behaviours was acknowledged. A post state politic system was established with community government bodies and a world government directly elected by the inhabitants of the planet at least sixteen years old. Legal tender currencies were abolished and substituted by lots of real value currencies with one only worldwide currency unit based on work as value measure. Research regarding the causes of cellular mortality was continued and new solutions were tried.

5. Who did it?

The majority of the inhabitants of the earth took part in the change. The most involved were young people and women.

A change plan for human relations and behaviours had been studied for years.

Ideas, resources and organisation were needed.

A new fundamental idea was conceived, according to it, substituting persons and functions wouldn’t have been sufficient and indeed the necessity was to transform the hierarchical structure of the human system.

The structure of the human system was made of hierarchical levels, a sort of pyramid with steps. Who was on a certain step represented himself compared to who was on the upper step but then represented the totality towards who was on the step below.

The hierarchical structure caused selection. Despite the affirmation in principle according to which all human beings are born the same, in facts there where enormous social, civil, politic, economic and cultural inequalities.

The strongest, sharpest, most false, richest was the one to survive and assert himself. With that structure, who was on the upper step considered who was on the one below as a personal instrument. Therefore that structure had to be changed.

What kind of structure could the new one be? How should it be made? A participative structure was proposed, substituting the pyramid with a propeller and the steps with a unique continuous path through which everyone could compare with each other and go up and down, without preset levels. To form it, it was necessary that persons started from the lowest step, reached the higher ones and would then accept to get back down on the low ones in order to form, with all the others on the same step a whole capable of moving the pyramid. The principle was the strength of a union of people is higher than the sum of the strengths of each part of the whole.

The solution to those thirty major problems formed a unique program of initiatives. The personal and material means as well as the operative strategies necessary to their carrying out were pointed out. What was necessary were resources par to more than 12 thousand billion dollars and the formation of an organisation of more than 37.5 million people.

Problems and solutions were introduced to persons with material resources. For years those persons refused to take part to it, believing the change would be useless. Then, some of them realised things were getting worse for everyone, also for them. And they accepted to make available material resources worth about 12,441 billion dollars to put in to practice the solutions indicated by the program.

They accepted on three conditions: their names had to remain unveiled until the initiatives were completed; resources had to be exclusively addressed to the fulfilment of the initiatives for which they had been made available but only when the majority of the people would have asserted to want to make them; resources had to be managed in order to prevent any taking away.

Substantially, the resources had to serve the putting in to effect of the initiatives decided by the program but not to demonstrate that those initiatives were necessary. The conditions were accepted and the resources made available. For years they weren’t employed but transformed in order to maintain their real value integral.

The program was proposed to states, governments, political parties, enterprises, banks and Churches of every country but, uselessly. They were all involved in a whirlpool from which they couldn’t or didn’t want to free themselves.

Who proposed the program new an act of force would have been necessary in order to trigger it. Without violence. To do it, it was necessary to choose what, how and when. The act had to be original and inimitable, a normal action but that nobody had ever committed. It had to cause visible results without negative effects. It had to be an act of truth. It had to be made in the simplest and most human way. Without speaking. Communicating in silence. It had to be achieved in a context unknown to the act.

That’s what happened. Not a miracle but a human action. Billions of people saw that act. They got informed. They studied. They thought. And they understood it was necessary to do something. But what? They searched the program, the ideas and the initiatives. They considered it possible and necessary. They decided to act. They did it. And the change process started.

6. How was it done?

The previous reality has been transformed through the participation to a new organisation of the post-state human society.

People took part to the Republic of the Earth asserting they shared the principles of its constitution. They elected the International assembly, who designated the Government of the Republic who then, with the authoritativeness rising from the task of those who took part in the new organisation, ceased every international military activity and every violent conflict, proposing the peoples concrete and reasonable solutions of the current conflicts.

Social community self-determination bodies were elected and empowered for each continent, confederation, region, county, quarter and village establishing their legislative, executive and judicial authorities.

Every power that was in contrast with the rules stated by the bodies of social communities was abrogated from the constitutions of the national states.

Borders between states have been cancelled.

Natural resources and production means have been redistributed equally in order to allow each person to work and produce what necessary to live.

Production and trade have been liberalised eliminating every useless obstacle and imposition to guarantee a correct productive and commercial competition.

Applied and basic researches have been intensified in each sector, particularly in those of energy, health and technology.

Specific community bodies were established to face problems of general interest, such as energy, water, food, health, culture, information, and others.

An intercommunity fund for public utility services was created, with resources coming from voluntary contributions, applying the principle according to which each person should give as much as he can to have what he needs.

A world security force has been formed in order to maintain order and make rules be observed in the community and between them.

The most felt and urgent problems of humanity have been faced concretely and the means and technologies available have been used to obtain results swiftly, because each delay would have represented a higher cost than the one to accelerate.

7. When was it done?

Everything happened about ten years ago. The situation seemed to have come to a head. Human forces were getting weaker due to gratification and boredom. Every hope was lost. The idea of future coincided with the perception of present. Fear had left its space to surrender. Everything seemed unavoidable.

Many armed conflicts were being fought and new wars were about to rise in all continents. The new conflicts would have caused a chain of carnages. Humanity was risking its complete self-destruction. The environment was almost definitely ruined.

The vicelike grip of terror was trapping the peoples of almost all countries. The states and their international organisations were trying to react. Uselessly. Against who considered himself a martyr for a just purpose and made himself explode in the middle of crowds of people there weren’t any preventive measures. The real causes had to be removed. As everyone kept repeating. Just by word.

The only concrete thing that kept being made was war. No mines or prospects were given back. Violence was used. More or less visible. Force was used. Nether legitimate. It would have been simple to eliminate terror. To tell the truth and draw the consequences would have been sufficient. But there wasn’t the will neither the courage. Even so, it had to be done. If people didn’t want to get swept away by the effects of centuries of unfairness, falsity and fear.

8. Why was it done?

Nearly everything was rotten. Every person herd, thought and judged in a subjective way doing what he-she wanted as much as he could. But for everything there was just one only objective reality. It was the truth of reality. What appeared was often unreal, fake. Pretence was falsity. It was possible to find out true reality. To distinguish reality from pretence meant to know truth. To now the truth meant to perceive real problems.

Most humanity underwent inequalities, unfairness, oligarchies, poverties, immoralities and mysticisms. One human being out of five considered the others as his own instruments and used their customs, their ignorance, his power, his currency, his cynicism and their fear in order to limit the freedom of the weakest and use their resources and their work.

There were discriminations, abuses, appearance and violence. Objective reality was different than subjective reality and apparent reality. People lived without knowing the truth. People believed things that didn’t exist. And didn’t believe what exists.

There was no freedom. The interests of the minority that had more power and wealth limited the freedom of the majority of the people.

There was no justice. The majority of the people didn’t have the necessary to live and the minority had everything they kept away from the majority.

There was no equality. There was who fought to survive and who wasted, who violated laws getting away scot-free and who was condemned even being innocent, who murdered and received medals and who died and was considered a murderer.

There was no democracy. The state one was only pretence. Consent rose from false and apparent information. The states were instruments to assure properties and privileges would remain in the minority’s hands. States couldn’t be democratic.

Humanity has rebelled against this reality. And has decided to change it, convinced there aren’t any unsolvable material problems.

Excesses had to be moderated to have freedom.

Hierarchies and discriminations had to be eliminated to have equality.

Wealth had to be redistributed to eliminate poverty.

Privileges had to be removed to redistribute wealth equally.

Falsity and corruption had to be eliminated to have justice.

Truth had to be affirmed and demonstrated to eliminate injustice.

Any hierarchy had to be eliminated to have democracy.

Reality had to be accepted and acknowledged to eliminate appearance.

Death had to be made useless to eliminate it.

The power of who had always wanted war had to be eliminated to have peace.

People had to act to live and not to die in order to change the world.

That’s why it was done.

My task was finished.

Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi


For who would like to understand better: www.unigov.org

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