In the world there are circulating banknotes for a value par to at least 2,090 billion US Dollars (700 billions US Dollars legitimately issued, 476 billions Euro par to about 628 billions US Dollars, and so on).

This monetary value is guaranteed by 23,607 tons of fine gold reserves that, at the price of 15.55 US Dollars per gram, are par to 367 billions US Dollars, equal to the 17.56% of the issued banknotes' total value.

The non-guaranteed banknotes have a nominal value par to 1,614 billions US Dollars, equal to the difference between the circulating banknotes' 2,090 billions US Dollars nominal value and the fine gold reserves' 367 billions US Dollars value.

The circulating monetary mass M3 which includes banknotes, public and private bonds and trade and financial credits developed with these banknotes, is equal to at least 1,200,000 billions US Dollars.

In relation to monetary mass M3, banknotes represent the 0.1742% and the gold's value represents the 0.0306%.

If all the circulating banknotes would be exchanged with fine gold, fine gold's price would rise up to more than 85 US Dollars per gram, that is an increase by the 470%, more than four times and a half the current one.

Dhana is guaranteed by a value par to 25 Euro, equal to about 33 US Dollars per one Dhana.

Dhana will be issued for a total maximum amount of 523 billions Dhana, 498 billions to be assigned and 25 billions for humanitarian initiatives.

If the banknotes non-guaranteed for an amount of 1,614 billions US Dollars, would be exchanged with Dhana and then eliminated due to the fact they wouldn't be accepted as payment anymore, the US Dollars circulating monetary mass would turn out to be 942,000 billions (1,614 billions / 0.1742%) and Dhana's purchase power would increase of 1,800 US Dollars per Dhana (942,000 billions / 523 billions), at an exchange rate of 1,833 US Dollars per one Dhana.

In that case, the monetary exchange unit would become Kana-Dhana, equal to a thousandth Dhana, with a value of about 1.8 US Dollars per one Kana-Dhana.

At that point it would be necessary to introduce the Kana-Dhana cent, with a value equal to 18 US Dollar cents.

In the next three years, the adoption of Dhana as worldwide currency is the only solution in order to face the monetary and financial catastrophe all the analysts preview.

December 2004.