Article 1 The Dispositions for fulfilment of the Constitution of the Republic of the Earth preview that:


a) the Constitution of the Republic of the Earth is in force from the first January of the year two thousand one ;


b) the International Assembly is elected within three months since when at least one hundred twenty million inhabitants join to the Republic of the Earth


c) until the election of the International Assembly previewed by the Constitution, the management and the coordination of the Republic of the Earth will be up to a Committee of the representatives composed by the two hundred designated by the founders who have obtained the greatest number of designations at the end of every solar trimester and that accept such appointment;


d) the last Committee of the representatives will organize the election of the first International Assembly.


Article 2 The Constitution of the Republic of the Earth establishes that:


a) the Republic of the Earth is a democratic government system of the inhabitants of the planet and their groups whit the aim of living in peace in the best possible way;


b) the Republic guarantees the full sovereignty of all its inhabitants and their equality regarding the laws;


c) it promotes the participation in politics by means of an electoral system in which the people exercise a effective and constant sovereignty on the governments and are protagonists of their continuous renewal;


d) the inhabitants of the Republic are represented in the international Assembly constituted by one delegate every ten million inhabitants;


e) the delegates in the International Assembly are elected directly by the inhabitants of the Republic and remain in office four years, except default of the engagements undertook with the voters.


Article 3 Are voters of the International Assembly all the inhabitants of the planet that make part of the Republic and be sixteen at the date of the election.


Article 4 Every voter of the International Assembly can be elected in the same international Assembly.


Article 5 Who stands as a candidate for the International Assembly must make, at least three months before the fixed date for the election, an application to the head office of the Republic of the Earth.


Article 6 The application for election underwritten by the candidate must be shipped through postal service with return receipt, indicating the name and surname, date and place of birth, the own ethnical group between those indicated in the appropriate directory of the ethnical group published contextually to the date fixed for the election and enclosing the photocopy of a document of identity and the electoral program.

Article 7 The electoral program must indicate one or more solutions to at least three objectives between those previewed by the Constitution of the Republic of the Earth or to the actions previewed by the Dispositions of fulfilment and must be underwritten by the candidate in every page.


Article 8 A Committee of electoral control, designed for the first election by the Committee of the representatives and for the successive elections by the International Assembly, examines the applications for election arrived in useful term and makes a list of the people who can be elected, excluding only the names that did not correctly indicate the data previewed by articles 6 and 7 or that did not attach to their applications a electoral program for the solution of at least three objectives previewed by the Constitution of the Republic of the Earth.


Article 9 The list of the people who can be elected is published, with its data and the electoral programs, at least two months before the election day.


Article 10 From the date of submission of the application for election to the day of election of the international Assembly the candidates do not make, under penalty of cancellation from the list by the Committee of electoral control, any kind of propaganda or electoral publicity direct or indirect to press for the own election.


Article 11 In the election day, every voters can express the personal, free and secret vote choosing, by means of the electronic system that will be indicated in due time, only one of the names who at the moment of the ballot are indicated in the list of the people who can be elected.


Article 12 At the end of the election result elected, in the number previewed by the Constitution, the people who have obtained the greatest number of votes and however at least one delegate for every ethnical group indicated in the applicants for election.


Article 13 In the tenth day after to that one of the election the International Assembly presided by its oldest member elects between its members, with personal and secret vote, a President and six Vice-president who constitutes the Presidency of the Assembly.


Article 14 Within ten days from that election the President convokes the international Assembly indicating the arguments to discuss.


Article 15 In impediment case the President is replaced in Assembly by the present Vice-president oldest in age.

Article 16 The demand for assessment of defaulting about the delegates elected in the international Assembly must be underwritten by at least one fifth of the members of the Assembly or by at least a million of electors and introduced to the President of the same Assembly.


Article 17 Within ten days from the date of the presentation of the demand for assessment of defaulting the President convokes the Presidency that decides to majority about revocation of the member of the Assembly object of the demand.


Article 18 The member revoked from the Assembly is replaced by the first one of the not elected in the last election of the Assembly.