Proposal to the inhabitants of the Earth

I, Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi, born in Italy (Salsomaggiore Terme – Parma), on the 20th of January 1950, responsible for the resources and the organisation of the Holos Global System program, granted that:

A) Unsolvable material problems don't exist but it's necessary to gain conscience of them, perceive them, acknowledge them, put them in priority order, search for the origins, study the causes, decide on possible objectives, find the solutions (ideas), produce the instruments, evaluate the effects of the solutions, set the strategies to orient the means towards the objectives, act concretely and verify the results.

B) Holos Global System, which literally means «global system of one whole entirety», is a program of thirty initiatives to be carried out on all the planet in order to face the human beings' most felt and urgent problems. Every initiative of Holos Global System represents a concrete solution regarding a real problem.

C) Ideas, resources and organization are what's necessary to face problems. Ideas are the possible solutions. Resources are the human and material means to obtain results. The organisation is the way (relations and behaviours) the means are utilised.

D) The thirty real problems that the Holos Global System program is facing in priority order and the relative ideas to solve them are:

I. Energy isn't sufficient and is badly distributed. We have oil for less than forty years.

II. Drinkable water is limited. Its availability in 2025 will be half the one in 1985, with 3.5 billions people facing water scarcity.

III. Not everyone has food. Nearly 800 billions of human beings suffer from hunger.

IV. Many people are ill. Tens of millions of people die due to the lack of medicines for illnesses that would indeed be curable.

V. Culture is limited: a quarter of the human beings, approximately a billion and a half people find themselves in a condition of illiteracy.

VI. Social communication is missing. The warped use of the media has made people more isolated and dependent on newspapers and televisions.

VII. Production is depressed. A quarter of us produces and consumes three quarters of the world's wealth.

VIII. Economy is in crisis. One billion people has less than one dollar a day, and in 140 Countries where 4.5 billions inhabitants live, people live with less than two dollars a day. Nearly one billion people live with less than one dollar a day.

IX. Work is missing. Great part of the countries that have natural resources (raw materials) don't transform them in products but they sell them to the most developed Countries charging them low prices.

X. Negative economic cycles have multiplied. The market's economy is characterised by periods of growth and depression due to the lack in programming production.

XI. Power is concentrated in a small amount of hands: due to the concentration of production means and finance, the one per cent of us owns more than the 50 per cent of the world's wealth.

XII. Consumer durable goods are missing. The main sectors of economy are heavy industry, consumer and data processing products, with a limited availability of tools, utensils and implements, those goods that make life more comfortable.

XIII. The cost of the services is unsustainable. Four fifths of the gross domestic product of the most advanced economies is made of services that determine prices par to 4, 5 until 10 times the production cost.

XIV. The environmental situation has reached its limit. The combustion of fossils and hydrocarbons has caused an enormous pollution of air and water and the overheating of the whole planet.

XV. We suffer the effects of the transformation process of economy into finance. At least the 95 per cent of monetary and financial transactions are used for speculative operations outside real economy and trade exchanges.

XVI. Great part of the savings is unproductive. Savings are mainly addressed towards financial transactions, causing a sensible concentration of investments.

XVII. Wealth isn't invested in order to produce. The wealth produced isn't addressed towards the production of other real wealth but it's invested in an unproductive way.

XVIII. The market is monopolised. A few big enterprises control market, economy and finance, while a great number of enterprises don't have contractual power. Medium concern enterprises are missing and are also thwarted.

XIX. The necessary consumptions are in crisis. Due to the market and the prices, on average enterprises don't manage to produce more than two thirds of their productive potential.

XX. Real economy's credits aren't sufficient. Paradoxically, while 19 twentieths of the circulating money is addressed to virtual economy, in real economy the credits necessary for the management and development of the enterprises are missing.

XXI. The market conditions the informative systems. The trend is to prefer the production of systems and machinery following personal pleasures instead of products useful to inquire and exchange news and opinions.

XXII. The conditions we live in are unsafe. Thefts, fire, floods, earthquakes, road accidents, terrorism, wars and other causes provoke fear and insecurity.

XXIII. Circulation is chaotic. Traffic's chaos has increased the time length of long and short distance transports. When vehicles were slower than now, it used to take us less to arrive to destination.

XXV. There isn't peace. We're always in war. The enormous war technology has produced regional conflicts and the risk of use of nuclear arms has increased.

XXVI. Research is insufficient. Basic research, experimentation and applied research are addressed very little resources, also due to the concerns of some individuals to loose control on all the others.

XXVII. We've become more egoist, false, hypocrite. The main available means are used to satisfy instincts instead of curbing them. We use the means the technological progress puts at our disposal for our own personal assertion, exactly when we could live and evolve without having to assert ourselves on someone else. Without selection.

XXVIII. Politics are subject to finance. The globalisation of the markets has increased the concentration of the wealth and the hegemony of economy on politics.

XXIX. Currencies don't have any value any more. All currencies are essentially «guaranteed» by public debts and have a real value lower than the three per cent of the nominal one. This is what legal tender is for. To impose currencies to people.

XXX. People keep dieing. As nobody rebels against injustice, neither does anybody against the causes of death, preferring to forget it exist.

E) For each of the aforesaid problems, I commit my self to provoke and make all the inhabitants of the plant obtain, within five years from when the majority of them which are at least 16 years old will have accepted this proposal, the following results:

1. With Tejas (Energy), the use of all energy sources (methane, biomasses, rivers, waterfalls, deserts, forests, tides, undercurrents, wind, sun, space, bacteria, nuclear power) and to search for new solutions (engines, machinery, facilities) in order to accelerate the increase of the utilization of energy resources, the raising of energy production is obtained by means of a higher utilization of natural resources.

2. With Udaka (Water), The increase of fresh water availability through the depollution of the existing resources and the realisation of the correct structures in order to prevent waist and leaks and give water availability to who hasn't any by transferring the water from the basins that contain it.

3. With Asana (Food), free dispatch and distribution of food for three years to who is risking of dying of hunger.

4. With Ayus (Health), the improvement of physical health through research, prevention and illnesses’ treatment, by using the modern rapid diagnosis instruments and adopting the devices science offers us.

5. With Jnana (Knowledge), the diffusion of literacy skills among at least the 75% of the people who don’t know how to write and read, through 7.7 millions of school structures (30 students for 3 hours for 6 turns a day), with at least 20 million teachers (70 students each teacher).

6. With Vadana-Karna (Social Communication Centres), 252,000 interactive meeting places on the entire planet, each one able to accommodate approximately 250 persons that will be able to communicate and confront them selves with the guests of all the others meeting places.

7. With Karoti (Production plans), the layout of regional and sectarian production plans to individuate which development plans have to be carried out for each group of countries and in which fields in the following regions: 1) North America, 2) North-Central America, 3) Central America, 4) South-Central America, 5) South America, 6) North Europe, 7) Central Europe, 8) South Europe, 9) Middle East, 10) North-Western Asia, 11) North-Oriental Asia, 12) Central Asia, 13) South-Western Asia, 14) South-Oriental Asia, 15) South Asia, 16) Australia, 17) North-Western Africa, 18) North-Oriental Africa, 19) Central Africa, 20) South-western Africa, 21) South-Oriental Africa, 22) South Africa.

8. With Tetrakos (National economic plans) the promotion in every Country of national economic plans corresponding to as many production and services development plans, by considering also in which region each country is and the plans its national institutions have already set.

9. With Nava (New enterprises promotion), the promotion of 342.000 new enterprises for 83 million jobs, making the workers participates to their management. Part of the capital of each enterprise will be detained by a body the whom associates will be the workers of the same enterprise for all the period in which they will give their services to it.

10. With Varga (Universal enterprise), the constitution of a group of enterprises that operate in different fields for each country coordinated by one unique centre, to avoid and eventually overcome the cyclical crisis of the economic systems. One million new enterprises on the entire planet in synergy with each other, will be constituted and set in national groups per sector and will employ about 50 million workers.

11. With Karana (Production means), Each one of the 342.000 new enterprises of the Nava plan will be provided with the production means necessary for their functioning.

12. With Bhaks (Durable products), part of the machines, plants and equipments provided by the Karana plan will be addressed to the production of durable goods.

13. With Seva (Services), the diffusion increase of services on the planet and the sensible reduction of their cost by means of a system within the reach of everyone.

14. With Ecology (Environment), production without pollution, the solicitation of consumption without destroying the environment and the acceleration, with the necessary technology, of the process for the restoration of the environmental conditions existing in 1950.

15. With Kosa (Real economy financing), the transfer of part of the monetary mass currently used for other purposes on to real economy, which is to the enterprises that produce goods and services.

16. With Cinoti (Savings collection), the allocation of at least half of the savings aiming productive objectives, making the savers participate in the system of the enterprises that produce and distribute goods and services guaranteeing the total reimbursement of the used capital.

17. With Parasparam (Wealth reinvestment), the allocation of the maximum wealth produced by the enterprises aiming productive purposes, by means of a system that allows strong advantages to the investors and limits the business risk rising from new investments.

18. With Synergy (Corporate and trade relationships), a system of mutual relationships among enterprises that produce and market goods, aiming to reduce time and also commercial, productive and financial costs by accelerating the information.

19. With Vencap (Venture capital), the utilisation of at least half of the productive potential of the existing enterprises that today is unused, by increasing the market's payable demand.

20. With Vikraya (International clearing), the introduction of an international commercial transaction mechanism through a process made of different barters carried out by a worldwide consortium compensation centre.

21. Con Stellar (Via ether informative system), the carrying out of a via ether informative system working on geo-stationary satellites that will allow each human being to obtain an answer to whichever question that has already been solved.

22. With Eka (Personal safety), a personal safety system that will allow every person to connect to a network of intervention units spread on the entire planet and to be aided in case of emergency.

23. With Pat-Patati (Aerial circulation), a mass aerial circulation system by using a vertical take-off vehicle (Air-X) connected to a traffic control network guaranteeing the flight's safety and an apparatus that will enable any person to drive.

24. With Cyberbank (Telematic bank), telematic-data transmission system that will be able to carry out payments and collections in every bank by using a simple mobile phone.

25. With Santi (War industry conversion), the conversion of war industries in other productive activities including the production of electromedical mechanisms and apparatuses and artificial organs.

26. With Avatar (World research centre), the diffusion of a worldwide research centre that will be used by private and public bodies to take economic and productive decisions.

27. With Renewal (Plan for the reform of the human system), the contextual and programmed reformation of the relationships and have the behaviours by modifying the structure of the hierarchical system through dialectic process among all the people.

28. With the Republic of the Earth (Democratic worldwide government), a democratic government system directly elected by the inhabitants of the planet aged at least 16, to make concrete the principles indicated by the Constitution of the Republic of the Earth and in the relative Dispositions of Performance.

29. With the Dhana currency (worldwide currency), the redistribution of wealth among all the inhabitants of the planet, with the guarantee the effective value of this currency will be kept above its nominal value.

30. With Kayamara (Immortality), the verifying of the causes of cellular mortality and the increase of all the human beings' life due.

F) Monetary resources for 11,452 billions US Dollars and enterprises’ capitals with nominal value par to 12,932 billions Euro, have been made available to carry out the aforesaid solutions from the Holos Global System on the entire planet.

G) An organisational structure to promote and manage the program, made of approximately 37.5 million people in the entire world, is currently under construction. The structure formed by groups of three people, it's organised in a helicoidal shape, with a non-hierarchical structure.

H) One of the initiatives of Holos Global system is the Republic of the Earth; a worldwide government system directly elected by the inhabitants of the planet aged at least 16. With their governments and their international organisation, national states haven't been able to guarantee freedom, democracy, development, well-being, solidarity and peace to the inhabitants of the planet. They have failed in their essential functions they had been set up for. The Republic of the Earth isn't a super state but a government without the state, the government of the peoples of the Earth. When billions of people will have taken part to the Republic of the Earth and will have directly elected the worldwide government, no state, no political party, or other force will be able to prevent to all the inhabitants of the planet to fight for their own happiness. The Constitution of the Republic of the Earth establishes the fundamental principles ratified by international law. The dispositions of performance of the Constitution and the laws approved by the International Assembly guarantee to all citizens of the Earth freedom, justice, equality, safety and peace. Without borders. Without appearances.

I) Another initiative of Holos Global System is Dhana, the currency of the Republic of the Earth. Dhana means money and it's the worldwide currency entirely guaranteed either by intrinsic value of the precious metals it contains or by enterprises' capitals. Dhana is divided in one thousand Kana-Dhana (Kana means little part). Dhana is issued in 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 Dhana and 1, 5, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 Kana-Dhana. One Dhana is worth 25 Euro, either because capitals with this value or because of the metals it contains guarantee it. For example, the one Dhana ticket contains a platinum lamina that weights 1 gram (which is worth 25 Euro), or a capital share guarantees it with a nominal value par to 25 Euro. Dhana brings back money to its triple original function of payment means, goods and services' value measure unit and value reserve. Dhana's purpose is the redistribution of wealth among the inhabitants of the planet. Each inhabitant of the planet aged at least 16 is assigned one hundred Dhana just against the reimbursement of its emission cost, proportional to the per capita average wealth of each country. The average reimbursement is par to the 19.59 per cent of Dhana's real value. The maximum total issue amount is 492.6 billions of Dhana (100 for each assignee) plus one twentieth (24.6 billions) to be addressed to humanitarian purposes.

J) Nowadays, with money and fear you can control the world. Thanks to this, the few people that have money and/or political power exercise their power on the others. With Dhana, money belongs to everyone. With the Republic of the Earth, sovereignty really belongs to the totality of the citizens. This double, political and monetary revolution is, together with peace, the essential requirement for the starting of the new process proposed by Holos Global System in order to solve people's real problems and make the world be truer, more beautiful and more just.


K) The results that are the matter of the herein undertaking, indicated by each one of the thirty plans in paragraph E), are précised, for each Country on the web site.

L) The acceptance of the herein proposal can be made through the adhesion to Holos Global System and/or to the Republic of the Earth and/or to Dhana's Monetary System, by signing the relative forms.

M) Who accepts, in one of the ways provided by paragraph L), the herein proposal, declares to believe Peace is the basic presupposition in order to achieve the results that are the matter of the herein undertaking and not as the effect of the same results.

N) In order to guarantee the fulfilment of the commitments I undertake with the herein proposal, in case, for any reason, I should find myself unable to act, I've appointed, with confidential acts I undersigned, different persons. Following the assignment order, each one of them, will take up my place until he/she won't be unable to act or any time she/he would renounce the appointment, undertaking the same faculties I currently have and the same obligations that are the matter of the herein proposal.

O) Each appointment act mentioned in paragraph N) contains the basic elements to be followed by the appointed persons that can and have to accomplish the undertakings that are the matter of the herein proposal, the conditions each one of them will have to follow strictly while operating and which causes can and have to decide their substitution.

P) During the carrying out of Holos Global System each initiative or part of an initiative will be run and managed according to the rules that have been previewed for each one of them, without having to wait for the completion of the whole program. Particularly, the organs provided by the Constitution of the Republic of the Earth and by the Regulation of Dhana, let alone the organs provided by the new juridical subjects previewed and constituted to carry out the program will become operative as soon as they are elected or designated.

Q) Instead the promotional structure of the entire program and the ones of each one of the thirty initiatives will stay under my direction, or the direction of the other designate in cases provided by paragraphs N) and O), until they will be completed.

R) I reserve myself the right to entrust and delegate in writing other persons that will act in my name and on my behalf within the limits of the assigned delegations. Also the persons nominated according to previous paragraphs N) and O) will have the faculty to charge and delegate other persons with their functions, such persons can be different from the ones I delegate.

S) The organs provided by paragraph P) have the right and the obligation to inform opportunely who elected or assigned them, about acts carried out concerning Holos Global System that are different from the principles established by the Constitution of the Republic of the Earth and/or from the document introducing the same program, which is hereby attached forming one single inseparable act.

T) The realisation of the Holos Global System program mustn't ever debate the existence of the national and international legitimately acknowledged institutions, even thought keeping all rights to criticise that those accepting the herein proposal will be able to address like any other citizen of the relative Countries can, according to internal and international law.

U) The resources put to the Holos Global System's disposal that after the five years provided by Paragraph E) don't result employed for the carrying out of the program, won't be given back to who has anonymously put them at disposal before other three years, during these three years the remaining resources will be able to be used to overcome possible lacunas showing by confronting the results with the ones previewed by the program.

V) Within the five years term provided by paragraph E) and the three years one provided by paragraph U), the organisational structure for the promotion of the Holos Global System program will be dissolved.

W) The persons resulting as participants to the Holos Global System program will be able to be employed in the activities that will be carried out due to the performance of the same program, without them being acknowledged any particular right for having promoted the program.

X) I won't be acknowledged any right or privilege just for having promoted and directed the carrying out of Holos Global System program, because I do this for the common and general interest of all the inhabitants of the earth, in the conviction that different problems aren't solvable without modifying the whole of the structure of the human system, including the relations and behaviours of the totality of the human beings.

Z) Once the herein proposal is accepted, as provided by Paragraph L), the acceptor can't derogate from it in any way, unless, due to objective and manifest reasons the necessity to preserve the planet from a serious and unexpected danger coming either from the same planet or from the outside of it rises.


Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi