Asked questions about Holos Global System

After two years from the presentation of the Holos Global System program, we publish the most interesting questions received from private and public interlocutors, with the relative explanations. 

Questions on the single initiatives

1) Tejas (Energy) –Development of the production and of I use of the energy. 

Ø        How can the energy production be developed without getting worse the environment’s situation?

The amount of pollution is not proportional to the energy increase but it depends on which sources are used. Nowadays we are able to support the production cost of all the energy we need using clean sources. The problem is not amount or difficulty but choice.  To use the air, the sun, the tides means to limit or to exclude the oil.   Naturally, who produces and distributes oil opposes and thwarts choices that do not provide the use of it.

Ø        The increase of the energy production will require a lot of time. 

In the current world-wide economic situation, it would be enough that 5/6.000 enterprises were dedicated to the production of apparatuses for the production of clean energy in order to obtain the first results in one year time and a definite result in three years.  It is only a question of choice, that naturally must be proposed by means of an organic plan and with the consent of people.

2) Udaka (Water) –Increase and redistribution of the water.    

Ø        Who will be prepared to give up his own water resources and leave them to other’s use?

Nobody must renounce their requirements, the use of a minimal part of the unemployed available water resources will be sufficient. 

Ø        How can water be carried where there isn’t any?

Modifying the hydrogeological situation of the planet’s surface.  We have invented a completely artificial human system in order to survive to the natural resource’s limits and have learned to cultivate and to transform the resources in products.  We can do the same with water.

3) Asana (Food) –Overcoming of the hunger in the world. 

Ø        Instead of giving food wouldn’t it be better to help to produce?

Who is dying of hunger needs fish to be able to use the hook.  The Asana program wants to give the fish.  Then it will be possible to adopt the Karoti, Tetrakos, Nava, Karana, Bhaks plans in order to produce. 

Ø        Who distributes the food in the various Countries?

It would be better if the existing organisations took care themselves of the distribution and that the States would guarantee their safety but, if this is not possible, an organisation capable of distributing and of guaranteeing the delivery of the food will be constituded. 

Ø        How can you guarantee that the food goes where there’s hunger?

The food will arrive to who needs it if it will be distributed from organisations recognised as honest and efficient or from groups formed between the receivers.

4) Ayus (Health) –Improvement of the physical and mental health. 

Ø        How is the problem about therapy and medicine licences for the most serious and diffuse diseases solved?

It is solved buying the licences of the existing remedies and finding new remedies.

5) Jnana (Acquaintance) –Information strengthening and diffusion. 

Ø        With which structures is it possible to upgrade and to diffuse the culture and the information?

Also in this case, there are organisations that are already taking care of the problem, they just need strengthening.  If it will not be possible, we will have to recruit teachers directly and organise them. 

Ø        Who will be prepared to teach to the illiterates?

Education, like other jobs, is not only a mission but also a profession that can be carried out with an adapted compensation and in total safety.

6) VadanaKarna –(Parla-Ascolta) –Spread of centres of social communication. 

Ø        Are mass media and all the current systems of communication not sufficient?

Sonorous and visual media tend to convince ideologically.  The dialectic process and the maieutics demand necessarily a  communication from ear to mouth.  Technology will be employed in order to communicate among groups of participants of various Countries to create a kind of global agorà.

7) Karoti (Production) –sector and regional Plans of production. 

Ø        It seems an economic plan similar to those that have failed in the socialist economy systems.

A production plan is not a rigid diktat but a totality of information about real necessities, relative solutions and performing instruments.  The plan is just an indication based on each productive field reality of every area, not an imposition.

8) Tetrakos (Tetrahedron) – Economic development national Plans. 

Ø        How do we conjugate the new plans with the ones of the national States?

One by one, all the initiatives of the Holos Global System program are subsidiary, i.e. of aid regarding how much has been already made. Its there totality that is revolutionary, since it translates a group of known but never carried out ideas in concrete actions with synergy. 

Ø        Wouldn’t it be better to realise what has been already programmed?

In a holistic system (an all entirety) like the human one, a change strategy must be based on an organic complex of actions all oriented to the same aim.  Otherwise, we risked to give the fish but not the hook or the hook to who is dying because he hasn’t got the fish.  

Ø        Isn’t there the risk of a centralised planned economy?

The process of «organisational mimesis» emulation of the behaviours and the relationships, on which I found the new structure (helicoidal) proposed from Holos Global System, provides one centralisation of the propulsive moment (original nucleus) and a circular distance of the communication therefore the participation to choices.  The same in economic relationships, it will be a propulsive, strong, acute moment, to imprint a «modus»followed by an articulate and interactive structure.

9) Nava (New) –Promotion and carrying out of new productive enterprises. 

Ø        Why shall we make new enterprises if we already produce more than what we consume?

Tendentially everyone of us must know what, work in order to produce goods and services useful to satisfy needs and desires, means. The structure is objectively anachronistic regarding the level of development of the productive forces, i.e. the potential ability to produce. Even so because of the wrong distribution of the resources and of the obstacles the productive ability finds, the hierarchical structure of the human system resists. 

Ø        The more we produce the more the atmosphere gets ruined. 

It’s not true.  It would be like saying that the more you communicate the more one gets confused. You have to look at the problem in a different way:  producing in the wrong way we have ruined and we will continue to ruin the atmosphere, therefore we must try to produce better.  It is possible, just, useful and also beautiful, we only have to understand it.

10) Varga (Group) – Universal enterprise constituted from regional groups of enterprises. 

Ø        It seems a «closed»  economic system.

Effectively from an organising point of view it is. It is an experiment that must set aside from the current economic relationships in order to try their innovation. In comparison with the typical economic systems The universal enterprise will be opened to mount (resources) and valley (products and services):  it will be a kind of «laboratory»in which natural resources enter, they come elaborated and transformed without the typical «conditionings »of the normal relationships of production and exit produced and services for all.  It’s important is that the prevailing objective is to maintain the equilibrium and to avoid the cyclical crises. 

Ø        Really economic theories have  always been the report of the economic concrete results. How can it be possible to realise concretely a theory that disconnects from the past?

It is true that the economic theories have represented what happened more than how much they have determined it.  Often theories are just a  repetition of previous experiences.  Well, it’s time to imagine a strategy and a praxis that escape to this logic.  Like when we passed from swap to currency.  It’s time to return production as needs satisfying mean instead of continuing –it’s paradoxical –to press for consumption to be able to continue to produce. 

Ø        Which is the difference between the Varga enterprises and the others?

The fundamental difference is in the aim.  The enterprise must be function of the production requirements and not only a profit mean.

11) Karana (Average) –World-wide development of production means. 

Ø        How is the increase of means of production conjugated with the ability to use them?

This is why Holos Global System is constituted by thirty programs.  Karana is a plan for development of production means, Jnana is a schooling plan, Vadana-Karna is a comparison and communication plan 

Ø        Who will control the greatest production means at disposition? 

Who uses them and who co-ordinates the activities of who uses them.  The co-ordinators will be chosen based on effective ability matured on the field from who has always worked with them.  From the bases.

12) Bhaks (Durable) –Production of consumer goods for continued use. 

Ø        Why should we need a particular program for durable goods?

Because it does not exist and never have existed a politic plan aiming the development of the products we use to wash, take care, to rest, etc.. it has all been led back to the free market, to that «invisible hand », we have later discovered needs «the invisible fist, » of the military hegemony to work properly.

13) Seva (Services) – Services development for enterprises and private individuals. 

Ø        The services already affect the 70/80 per cent of the distribution and production costs.

The development proposed by the Seva plan aims to lead back the cost of the services within sustainable limits and objectively adapted to the requirements, without excesses.  We will have to imagine common services and industrialise some «service idea, »in order to bring back the function of the service to its original cause as a support mean to other activities.

14) Ecology (Ambient) –Antipollution and environmental depollution. 

Ø        Scientists preview that it will take centuries to bring back the planet’s conditions of a few dozens of years. 

Meanwhile we are still polluting.  To depollute  the air and to close the hole in the ozonosphere we should complete an inverse process to the one that provoked them. Scientifically it is possible to do it in a few  years, with suitable and already known apparatuses.  The cost will be inferior to what we will have to support if we don’t act against it. 

Ø        To depollute we would have to change our habits.

Also, yes, however great part of the pollution is due to the use of oil.  Therefore we must stop. That’s the key to change things.

15) Kosa (Wealth) –New financial relationships global system. 

Ø        Who will control Kosa plan’s financial system  and how can we be sure that it will work better than the current one?

Premised that the financial system previewed from the Kosa plan excludes every speculative operation on money and any kind of interest on loans, it is natural and logical that addressing the monetary resources to the real economy will increase production and occupation.  Such financial system does not only need some control but technical verifications on its real application.  Who takes care of the verifications has the same functions as a judge with laws:  they do not have to check them but to apply them and make them apply. 

Ø        Who will be prepared to lend his own savings without receiving interests? 

We will have to replace  the interests on the loan with a participation to the result obtained from the productive employment of the savings. That will require a control of the economic activities from part of the investors.  In fact, it is not right that who lends the money has his gain assured set aside from the result obtained by the employment of that money. And it is not right that who receives money on loan can manage it without the control of who has lent it.

16) Cinoti (Saving) –Collection of the savings to assign to productive purposes. 

Ø        How can it be possible to give greater profits to who decides to invest in production than to who invests in financial speculation?

The real wealth is represented from the totality of natural resources, products and services.  The rest is just a numerary value and appearing wealth.  That means that also the profits rising from speculative operations are produced (or supported) by the real wealth, by the production.  Freeing the produced real wealth from the appearing one (rising from the unproductive employment of money), all the produced wealth will be shared among those who concur to the production of real wealth, i.e. between the investor who lends the money and the enterprise that receives it and it invests it, excluding who exchanges money with money without investing in productive activities.

17) Parasparam (Reciprocity) –Productive reinvestment of the wealth. 

Ø        Who must plough back, the enterprises or the private investors?

We all must reinvest a part of the wealth available.  The enterprises can do it directly, the private individuals can do it through the enterprises.

18) Synergy (Synergy) –System of social and commercial relationships among enterprises. 

Ø        Commercial rules and mechanisms adoptable by enterprises already exist.

Yes, rules proposed and wanted by all those who have the economic system’s hegemony exist and also the (legal) mechanisms in order to develop the relationships between enterprises exist. Unfortunately, the enterprises mass remains broke-up for the action of the same subjects that have wanted the current rules. Such break-up makes a series of intercompany relationships unreliable and useless.  Apparently we have competition and free competition, while really we have a monopolisation of the economic system through political and military power.  This is the current situation.  It is obvious and undeniable.   Synergy is proposed to free the market from the monopoly.

19) Vencap (venture capital) –Strengthen of the existing enterprises. 

Ø        How can someone who still hasn’t made enterprises succeed to upgrade the existing ones, if not even those who detain and direct enterprises haven’t?

Who detains and directs the greater part of the enterprises is conditioned from limited resources and a market that has become function of the greater enterprises.  Money lacks and real free competition is missing. This is why the enterprises are producing an average of 70% less of their productive capability.  Taking part with the right financial resources and freeing the market, all the enterprises can increase their productivity and their effective production.

20) Vikraya (Compensation) –International clearing of commercial payments. 

Ø        A clearing system among banks already exists.

Exactly, among banks it exists, it reduces costs and risks of the financial transfers, but it doesn’t among who exchanges goods and services.  Vikraya will be a big compensation basin among all those people who sell and acquire goods and services, they will not need intermediaries anymore (banks) that cost and condition the life and the development of who exchanges. 

Ø        How does the clearing work between various subjects and banks.

It is a centre of compensation in which every operator has its position (an account) on which the payments come debited and credited the collections.  Costs nothing and does not concur to manage billions of transactions of whichever amount in real time. 

Ø        Are talking of a kind of barter?

No, barter is not a monetary compensation, its between goods.  The barter could instead be transformed in numerical values that can be managed with the Vikraya system.

21) Stellar (Stellar) – Via ether interactive computer science System. 

Ø        Internet already exists.

Many functions provided by Stellar System have been adopted and are carried out by Internet, with some limits (transmission speed, information disjointing etc.). The Stellar System has been introduced in 1991, when Internet did not exist.  In a short time, Stellar will have immediacy and interactivity characters, therefore of communication’s acceleration that Internet will be only able to acquire in a few decades time. The standardisation of the sonorous communication will concur to use the system also to the illiterates (1.4 billions of persons) and with an appropriate simultaneous translator it will allow us to communicate in our own mother language.

22) Eka (Unit) – Total diffusion personal Security system. 

Ø        Will this system eliminate privacy?

No, because it provides devices that consent you to find the position of every single person in alarm case.

Ø        Will it  be an expensive system?

It will have a sustainable and tolerable cost for all and for the society in its totality.

23) Pat-Patati (Flight) –New air traffic system with vehicles using vertical takeoff. 

Ø        How will we be able to control the traffic of billions of vehicles in flight?

It will be easier than to control current urban and extra-urban traffic but also the current air traffic, that really depends on the attention and on the number of flight controllers, badly equipped and remunerated. 

Ø        Which effects will this system have on the atmosphere?

With the right engines, the vehicles will free steam. Perhaps we will have more humidity but certainly not carbon monoxide.


24) Cyberbank (cybernetic Bank) –Credit data transmission Management. 

Home-banks already exist.

Home-banks are superstructures (accessories) of the normal banks.  Cyberbank will be a full-service bank that will be able to manage whichever number of operations in real time, with the right devices in order to prevent the dispersion of the data.

25) Saint (Peace) –Program of conversion of the war industry. 

Ø        The war industries will never accept to produce other goods if they will have lower profits.

War industries will have power until when it will not be understood that the Peace is not the result of a process of the past but the supposition of a new process facing future.  In that moment, it would be wrong to waste advanced technology that can instead be employed in order to produce more and better, take care and …many other things.

26) Avatar (To come down) –world-wide Centre of applied searches. 

Ø        Wouldn’t it be sufficient to finance and to upgrade the existing centres?

Apparently, yes.  Really, nearly all the current centres of search are subjected to the great medicine industry that imposes the concrete choices of search and applications. In order to break this process. It is necessary to attract the researchers to an agency that guarantees the maximum freedom of initiative and the maximum rigour regarding the expectations that science has ingenerated.

27) Renewal –Plan of reform human relationships and behaviours. 

Ø        If we are like this it is because we have wanted to.

Perhaps we didn’t want to be like this but we could only be like this. Until man had to assert himself to survive it wasn’t possible to operate in another way.  Today, the development level of the productive forces, the information’s diffusion and the acquaintance allow the transformation of conflicts in comparisons and the adoption of rules to hold the system united (see, in documents, «a woman »and «the super relation of the human system. » 

Ø        Is this «change» going to be imposed?

Change and renewal are natural processes that happen uninterruptedly and spontaneously in every system, because a closed system can not exist, every system communicates with the others. The Renewal plan and the Holos Global System program in a generalised manner are the means in order «to accelerate »the change, to overcome as quickly as possible the gap between the human sort development level and the rules that hold it together, that have remained back because of a few subjects that do not want to accept the “new” which is needed.  If we don’t intervene accelerating the process of adaptation of rules and behaviours to the human development level, the system risks to explode (see, in documents, «holistic System and environmental base).  »

28) Republic of the Earth-World wide Government elect by the inhabitants of the planet. 

Ø        Every people has the government it deserves.

It isn’t fault of who doesn’t know if who knows prevents the others from knowledge.  This simple evidence is valid for the base of every organised structure and for every complex system, human one included. 

Ø        Who has the power today will do anything not to loose it.

For the first  time in known human history there’s the possibility to put who lives in bad conditions in better ones without making worse the conditions of who is ok (see Dhana’s effects on Knowing that the Renewal’s process and the Holos program are objectively necessary, they can easily be acknowledged as unrestrainable.  Faced this condition, anyone has interest not to hinder but to participate.  And therefore, as justice can’t exist without forgiveness, future can’t exist without participation.

29) Dhana (Money) –Monetary Unit of value measurement and exchange mean. 

Ø        What is a currency with no legal course for?

Until the value of a currency is found on legal course, who emits it will be able to condition the level of development of who adopts it.  The redeeming power of Dhana starts from 25 Euro for one Dhana and, being the emitted amount of Dhana limited, it will always increase in proportion to the speed and the number of transactions in the time unit, following Fisher’s Law. Who accepts Dhana is capable of making others accept it.  There’s just to understand, not to fight. 

Ø        Who controls the volume of, the guarantees and the reservoirs?

Dhura is the agency for the emission of Dhana and the control of its monetary system.  The direction of Dhura is assigned by the international Assembly of the Republic of the Earth that in its turn is elect by the single inhabitants of the planet.  Therefore, the General Council of Dhura is expression of the will of who makes part of the Republic of the Earth, from the base. 

Ø        Which are the safety characteristics of Dhana tickets?

Have a look on: 

Ø        What’s the other currency’s destiny?

With the time they will disappear.  In a system of total relationships all the national coins do not have any sense.  The comparison is cosmopolitan, universal, among all.  And it demands an only unit of measure of the value. 

Ø        How can we be sure that the 100 Dhana assigned will not be entirely  addressed to personal consumption?

We must begin  by remembering that the number of Dhana issued will not be able to exceed the 100 Dhana for inhabitant of the Earth therefore more Dhana can’t be assigned.  There are people that are used to hold in reservoir a bread piece for months, why shouldn’t he understand that this is an unrepeatable occasion?  Who is less aware? Who is dying of hunger or who spends one hundred times what could overcome the hunger in the world for war? 

Ø        Isn’t the emission of coins different from the ones emitted by central banks and States prohibited?

No, it’s not prohibited, because a not national currency can be emitted from anyone as a representation of goods. 

Ø        All the enterprises could emit there own currency.

Yes, but Dhana is not emitted from an enterprise but from an institution (the Republic of the Earth, through Dhura) and guaranteed from enterprises that accept to distribute their capitals in equal parts among people.  If there are emulators, they are welcome. 

Ø        How is it possible to manage and to put Dhana in circulation outside the banking circuit?

Dhana in physical currency will be exchangeable against goods and services and also to a net of moneychangers organised from Dhura in every part of the world.  Dhana in electronic and data transmission currency does not need any.  

Ø        Doesn’t Dhana’s assignment constitute public saving collection?

No, the acquisition of funds with reimbursement obligation is saving collection in deposits as in any other shape. Dhana’s assignment against the emission cost reimbursement does not provide any reimbursement to the assignee. 

Ø        If I accept Dhana how do I spend them?

Explaining its duty, why it has been introduced and why who possesses has accepted it. 

Ø        Which is the real value of Dhana?

When emitted, every Dhana is guaranteed by a capital of the nominal value of 25 Euro. 

Ø        Who’s is the property of Dhana?

Dhana is of the bearers who detain it and that can transfer it by simple delivery and convert it in shares of the capitals that guarantee it.  Just like gold convertible coins, only that for Dhana in place of the gold  there are shares, participation to enterprises capital. 

Ø        Is Dhana also assigned to those who don’t work?

Yes, to everyone.  And it will have much more value for who has a minor yield.  This is the meaning of redistribution of the wealth. 

30) Kayamara (Immortality) – Cells mortality causes Searches. 

Ø        What does «die for necessity» mean?

It means that our DNA has been adapted to our behaviours and determines our ending as mean of renewal.  As an example, following the analysis of the levels of the of transcription/reparation factor TFIIH, the mutations of gene XPD (xeroderma pigmentosum group D) are associated to pathological phenotypes that characterize in the end of life the improvement possibility of the future life.  The end depends on us, on our behaviours, not on a irreversible cause. 

Ø        To think of immortality is a presumptuous act.

To fly, to assert that the Earth is a sphere that turns around to the Sun, to ride bicycle and many other things, have those all been presumptuous acts? 

Ø        Who says that human beings want to live forever? 

In fact, not all want it.  Probably for two thirds of us to exist is worse than not to exist.  That’s why things must change, to overcome death as a necessity. Thus until death, every concept or principle on the safeguard of the human life lacks of value:  because, at the end, you die.

Ø        It is a bizarre idea.

Bizarre means outlandish. Outlandish is what goes outside the limits.  Bizarre is what doesn’t follow those behaviours considered common and habitual.  But who has set the limits?  Where were they born?  And which results have we reached with those behaviours considered common and habitual?  Perhaps it’s best to rebel are selves against limits set up by such a discussed system and  go over behaviours that everyone considers mistaken.  Perhaps we should read once more the parable of the Good Samaritan …

Other questions 

Ø        How much does Holos Global System cost?

The cost of the program is of approximately 12,500 billions of Euro to employ in three years, with an organisation constituted of 37,533,897 persons in 234 countries. 

Ø        Which relationship is there among Republic of the Earth, Dhana and the other initiatives provided by Holos Global System?

They are all part of one program and they are in synergy with each other. 

Ø        Knowing that neither of the national States or of the international organisations have, how is it possible that the solutions indicated from Holos Global System can be realised?

The original function of the national States has been exausted by «the data transmission revolution» and the globalisation that, in itself, is certainly not an evil, since it makes the atmosphere cosmopolitan, as in truth it has always been but never as it has never been possible to consider it.  The international organisations are only superstructures of the national States and, really, hegemony instruments. 

Ø        How can the redistribution of the wealth happen if who detains its curreny does not mean to renounce to the one he has?

This is why Dhana has been issued.  If who has more had accepted to redistribute what he has we wouldn’t have needed a new financial instrument. 

Ø        Who has lent and where are the capitals in order to realise Holos Global System?

who has understood that it is not possible to continue like this and that instead of waiting a probable implosion of the system, as is happened many times without that there were concrete alternatives, has accepted to renounce to a part of what he had not to lose all of it.  He’s done it for opportunism, as a reasoned, logical, objective, material, interested choice.  But he’s done it. 

Ø        How can a structure that previews 37.5 million persons all over the world be formed and managed?

There are nations with beyond a billion of inhabitants, everyone of them has or must have one own function.  That’s how it will be possible, with austerity, uprightness and responsibility.  With a new helicoidal structure in place of that hierarchical one constituted from a pyramid. 

Ø        How is it possible to introduce Holos Global System, the Republic of the Earth, Dhana and all the other initiatives if the information is controlled by who guides the current system?

The information is of who can employ resources in order to use it.  This is the rule of the technostructure. 

Ø        What does the «Without Title» named video mean?

It’s obvious.  It’s a script of the year 1992.  Things have gone as previewed. 

Ø        But how many are you?

You can investigate as much as you can but you won’t get to know it unless we will all decide together to say it.  And then it will be a surprise. It is not a rhetorical Answer but the truth.  

Ø        Where do you come from?

Surely from the Earth. 

Ø        What are you doing it for?

For everyone.  Surely not just for us. 

Ø        Holos Global System seems a «totalling» system if not «totalitarian.  »

No, it’s a holistic system.  It’s different.   Much different. 

Ø        They are not clear but they must be some hidden objectives.

This is  why we must accelerate.  Because nowadays nothing is believed.  Everyone reflects the others in him self.  And if I would or wouldn’t do something, one supposes that also all the others would or would not do it for the same reason. But sometimes singularities exist.  And they are different. Secrets Objectives do not exist. Instead means and instruments still not declared exist.  They will be useful in order to re-react against the reactions that will derive from our actions. These means make the initiative winning.  It is inconvenient to prevent it. It’s dangerous to assault who proposes it:  hell would burst. 

Ø        What’s Holos System? (

A totality of constantly updated information about all the most important themes of the planet, an instrument that allows us to face all the material problems in all the Countries, a recorder-analyst with infinite eyes and ears.  If the information is power, Holos System is a power instrument that it knows more than what lets to know. 

Ø        Nobody does anything for nothing.

In fact we don’t act for nothing but to change the world. 

Ø        Which risks runs who participates to the program?

None.  An amorphous mass can be put under control, dominated but a totality of parts that participate with conscience and will to a necessary «plan »is free, strong, winning and unrestrainable. 

Ø        Which benefits obtains who participates?

All of them, sooner or later, will have to participate.  This is future in which we should  believe and the concrete hope for which we should live and fight. 

Ø        How much does it costs to participate?

Absolutely nothing in terms of resources and the maximum engagement in order to study, to acknowledge, to understand, to know in order to be  in the position to decide freely. 

Ø        Will the current laws be observed?

All the laws that will be correctly adopted will be observed.  

Ø        Why does Holos Global System provide just thirty plans?

The number is accidental.  Perhaps this number will have to be increased in relation to the perception of new requirements and to the conceiving of new solutions. 

Ø        This program seems a beautiful dream.

It’s what it is that’s important and not what it seems .  It is a realisable plan, for us and who will come after us and will be able to live with us. 

Ø        On what does the order of the single plans depend?

From the priorities of the problems.  WE start from the water, the air and the energy in order to arrive to the infinite (Kayamara).  

Ø        It seems all an utopia.

Utopia is to think to go ahead without having to change, knowing that for the majority it will not be possible.  This is what philosophy, science, statistics and all the religions say. 

Ø        It is an unrealistic, unrealisable plan.

Unrealistic means to think of developing in a corrupted system in which the structure is distant light years from the possibilities we have. 

Ø        It is a hegemonic plan.

The opposite.  It is an anti-hegemonic plan.

Until a little time ago, «a social group can and must be leading  before conquering governative power (one of the most important conditions for the power conquest). Later on when he exercises power even if he keeps it in his fist, he becomes dominant but he will have to continue to be “manager”» (Antonio Gramsci, Notebooks of the jail, vol.  III, Einaudi, Turin 1975.)

In a class system, the ruling class is the dominant class that knows how to organise the economic system advantage at its one benefit, to occupy the main politically strong positions and to extend to all the layers of the society the norms and the values that constitute the cultural patrimony.

In the industrial society, the dominant class is the one that detains the production means (capitals and machinery), with which it can impose to the other classes, and especially to the working class, not only the relationships of production but the social organisation, the institutions and the ideology the most favourable for itself.

In more recent times, the power of the dominant class isn’t just carried out by controlling the means of production but also through the control of the models of consumption and through persons styles of life.  Such control is possible by monopolising the use of mass media, that allows the dominant class to extend there culture to the entire society.

In a holistic system, no group can be the dominant class because no group can draw advantage from the subordination of the other classes.  In a holistic system a managing social group can be formed without that he is also dominant. 

Ø        Which relationship is there between Holos Global System and «globalisation» ?

The globalisation regards nowaday’s various aspects as: economy, finance, politics, communication.  Holos Global System takes part to the process of globalisation of the economy and proposes plans in fields in which this process is in delay, as politics and currency are regarding commerce and finance.  The Republic of the Earth is an alternative to hegemony and to the empire.  Dhana is an alternative to the virtual currency and the appearing wealth.  Some programs are alternatives to the of economy in finance.  Holos Global System is a program that starts from the truth to transform it. 

Ø        Which relationship is there between Holos Global System and religion?

None. Not even the Kayamara has anything to do with religion:  the search of the causes of ageing and mortality of the cells does not disown spirit’s immortality.  Everyone has the right of having his own vision about the origin and the last aim. Nobody has the absolute truth.  Péntakos does not expect to be an other Gospel neither to assert questionable truths.  Some text (Religions) face the problem of mysticism in a historical, scientific way, surely not ideological. 

Ø        Holos Global System proposes the «the perception method» modification. Will it not be dehumanising?

The perception method determines the acquaintance of the truth through conscience.  All the successive phases in order to face material problems (objective, solutions, strategy, instruments) depend on the way of perception and the acknowledgement of the real problems.  To change the perception way means to restore what  has been already dehumanised.  This time «man» wins.

Ø        What do the expressions–indicated in the introduction of Holos Global System – mean? Mutation of the behaviours of some parts, strengthening of a group of parts, creation of new relationships, the entirety’s emulation, acquaintance transfer, idea’s induction and strengthening, resources acquisition, new structural destination of the resources, organisational centralisation, structural decentralisation, interactive information, acceleration of the processes (disintegration and participation), emulator strengthening, antagonists absorption.

Mutation of the behaviours of some parts means modification of the way to act of an initial group of subjects that have participated to the elaboration of the program.

Strengthening of a group of parts means to confer greater power (see the program of Holos Global System) to who participates to the promotion of the program.

Creation of new relationships means to adopt new (social, civil, economic and moral) human relationships between who participates to the promotion.

Entireties emulation means «organizational mimesis»that is when the system emulates relationships and behaviours of the group that promotes the program.

Acquaintance transfer means the conveyance of the experience of the original group to the other parts of the human system.

Induction of the ideas means to impart a more objective acquaintance of the truth through conscience than the current one and strengthening of the ideas means an increase of will and the engagement in the realisation of the devised solutions.

Resources acquisition means fair redistribution of the available resources between all the parts, that are all the individuals of the system.

New structural destination of the resources means a different uses of the human and material resources in order to modify the structure of the system from hierarchical of pyramidal shape in circular of helicoidally shape.

Organisational centralisation means to lead back every action to a common aim by means of a process that tends to maintain the equilibrium around a hinge.

Structural decentralisation means press on initiative autonomies and self-control.

Interactive information means dialectic process (one of the most serious problems that we have is that we are not capable of listening).

Acceleration of the participation and disintegration processes means to remove the old relationships, the old relations and to restore a participative mechanism without steps and hierarchical levels.

Emulator strengthening means to give more strength to who really wants to change.

Antagonist absorption means to convince who hinders to co-operate. 

Ø        Which plans are already activated?

Practically all the plans have been activated.  Now the necessary structure must be completed and this is the next stage to realise. 

Ø        Which obstacles could be meet by realising the plan?

Common ignorance, egoism, commonplaces, ideologies, reservoirs, prejudice, physical and mental laziness.