Monday, 16 May 2005.

«The only salvation for civilisation and human species lays in the institution of a worldwide government, so that nations’ security may be based on law». Albert Einstein.

An organised small group formed by some of the richest and most powerful persons of the planet controls banks and media, by means of which these persons manage to dominate political, economic and financial systems.

After having tried out all the ways they could make their candidates win and having determined the political choices of the democratic countries, this group understood that what’s needed in order to keep dominating the planet isn’t a world government but lots of formally independent and democratic states undergoing the hegemony of one only state. This is the only reason democracy is wanted to be spread. It’s sad but that’s the way it is.

And as for centuries they have fomented wars, while they officially were organising peace conferences, now they officially promote the planetary diffusion of a formal democracy they think they can control and in the mean time they organise that world empire useful to them to dominate peoples and states.

According to this group of persons, all the peoples of the planet will have to believe they are living in democracy and freedom even if it will only be appearance. The satisfaction culture and new myths, dogmas and rules will be used as a lever in order to obtain the masses’ consent and repress any rebellion. Ipse dixit.

The Republic of the Earth is the only possible alternative: a world government directly elected by the inhabitants of the planet by universal suffrage and single, free and secret vote; a government without state, with the authority rising directly from the peoples in order to redistribute wealth equally and assure freedom, democracy, justice, development, solidarity and above all security and peace on the entire planet.

The election has to take place in a condition of absolute equality of resources and means. In order to avoid the repeating of the existent, the electors shall be informed correctly about all the candidates and their proposals. It’s the only way the elected persons can represent legitimately the peoples sovereignty

To achieve pacifically this alternative, the Republic of the Earth faces that group that wants the empire by using some of the same means. Beginning from currency, upon which today depend production, development and well-being.

By now almost everyone knows the actual currencies are devoid of real value and are used to make the states run into debt, making their citizens pay the interests. Legal tender currency is the biggest fraud of economics’ history, because instead of representing real economic goods it’s a fake bill representing a neverding debt and whose legitimacy only means it’s a legalised fraud.

With this legal tender currency and fear you can govern the world. So, in order to change the way of governing, fear shall be overcome and currency be bought back to its original function of good representing real value.

An entirely guaranteed and freely accepted currency is needed. And because work is the real measure of goods and services, the new currency shall represent work, shall be the currency issued for those who work and produce. The real change doesn’t start from a new ideology but from the simple substitution of the bank’s currency with the workers’ one.

By asking for the workers currency as payment of work instead of the legal tender one, who pays is obliged to get the workers’ currency instead of the legal tender one. And if the work currency is distributed in equal parts among the inhabitants of the planet, in order to get hold of that currency and pay work it will be necessary to ask for that currency as payment for products, beginning a new economic process based on the exchange between the real value of work and the real value of the products.

With the Republic of the Earth and its currency it will be possible to build a future different from the one those holding more than half the planet’s wealth want. By wanting it, together it’s possible.

Naturally, world government and new currency don’t solve all the problems, because we don’t live just to have but also and above all to be. Even so, to be one has to live and to live one shall have the necessary resources. If wealth remains concentrated in few hands and the majority of human beings are prevented from living, it’s impossible to be.

Thanks for the attention.


Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi


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