The final objective in order to manage to change the world must be to eliminate death. To defeat death one shall think of how to keep living all together instead of imagining what could there be after death. We can discover how we are born, how we live and we die. The rest is pure fantasy. The whole humanity suffers from the suicide syndrome: one lives in order to die instead of to keep living.

Today we can defeat this syndrome. Indigence, old age, illnesses, suicides, murders, accidents and wars are the causes of death. All these causes can be faced and solved. Scientific research about the causes and possible remedies isnít enough in order to defeat death; indeed death should be stopped from being necessary.

Everything we think about life after death has been asserted by living human beings. Never from other beings. As far as we know, there is no existing transcendent entity apart from the original energy before space and time. And nobody has ever demonstrated that such energy is a transcendent entity that isnít part of the universe or that itís perfect. If it was perfect, neither pain nor evil would exist. We need to believe in life after death only because we believe in the unavoidability of death and, against the reality of death, we react with fantasy.

Energy, water, food, health, knowledge, production and all the other material problems are solvable if we want. A worldwide government directly elected by the inhabitants of the planet and a worldwide currency with a real value and a purchase power constant in time are possible.

But all this can only be done if the final objective is the elimination of death. In order to reach this objective, one has to ęfeel itĽ possible. And it will never be able to be like this until all the other problems are solved for each one of us. First of all the one of war. In order to eliminate war forever, one has to consider peace as essential requirement of our maximum evolution, instead of considering it as result of a process of the other problemsí solutions. You make peace if you believe that the human being can be immortal and if you understand that war prevents both who wins and who loses from becoming immortal. If you understand that there is no transcendent genesis or apocalypse. If you act in order to face the immanent and transform the existing.

Man has always loved something he doesnít know, that doesnít exist, believing someone that has this way solved pain and fear. You donít feel any god inside You. You just feel your ego, Your energy and the influence of the energy in its whole. This feeling has been useful to who used You to build and develop his power and his wealth. Take a look at reality. Who ever affirmed a dogma by giving something? At most, someone asserted it without asking anything.

For You, humbly and modestly, I exist and Iím here. To help You solve material problems and achieve immortality together. Itís possible. Together we can.

February 2005

Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi