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Holos System Between 1985 and 1998, scientists of several countries, on behalf of economy and finance exponents, have carried out in a classified way a scientific, technical, economic, financial, productive, commercial, social, civil and political research regarding the situation of the planet. The research has permitted to characterize the main problems of each Country, discover and analyse the origins and the causes, know the effects, find the possible solutions and means to carry them out and elaborating the strategies in order to obtain concrete results. The investigations and the elaborations have been recorded in a complex computer science system divided in two complementary parts (Holos System Information and Holos System Strategy), which in 1999 have been conferred to two Swiss companies I.G.R. International Global Research S.A. and Ramah S.A., which in the 2000 have then yielded the system without any charge to the Luxembourgian company Holos Holding S.A.. The computer science system contains investigations and suggestions of all the fields of human activities and environment and it is constantly maintained up dated. Opportunely and responsibly used, Holos System is an instrument that can engrave on the processes that have determined the current conditions on the planet and to deeply modify the structure of human system.


Holos Plan This plan has been launched on 2000. It comprises nine initiatives: a national economic employment plan, the plan of an universal enterprise, an via ether informative system, a personal security system, a new system of aerial circulation, a new payment system, a new system for resources and product transfer, a war industry conversion plan and the foundation of the Republic of the Earth. In 2001, Holos Plan has been implemented with other five initiatives: a plan that provides the diffusion of a research informative system, a plan to demobilize the credits and their transformation in quoted titles, a plan that provides a financial operation by means of which are granted loans in euro reimbursed in dollars, a plan for the solution of the problem of water on all the planet and a plan of reform of relationships and human behaviours. Between the 2001 and the 2002, monetary resources for 12.441 billions of US Dollars have been assigned in order to realize the plan. Waiting to be invested in the program, such resources have been employed in financial and monetary operations and on 23 May 2003 the relative amount was 16,165 billions of US Dollars.





Republic of the Earth As provided by Holos Plan, on the 1st January 2001 has been formed the Republic of the Earth, a government system elect directly by the inhabitants of the planet aged at least sixteen. Its Constitution provides the fundamental principles to give to policies their necessary equilibrium in order to face social, civil and economic problems of every human being. The Dispositions of performance of the Constitution of the Republic of the Earth provide, for the period of transition between the forming of the Republic of the Earth and the election of the International Assembly that will elect the worldwide government, a Committee of the representatives formed by the two hundred people who have obtained more designations by the members.


Dhana currency The Dispositions of performance of the Republic of the Earth provide the issue of a new worldwide currency entirely guaranteed by capitals of enterprises at their nominal value. On the 14th of June 2001, the first six billions of Dhana have been issued, guaranteed by a capital of the nominal value of 150 billions of Euro, 25 Euro for every Dhana. The operation has been carried out by means of an unilateral act with which, in order to guarantee the Dhana issue, Holos Holding S.A. company has constituted in pledge the majority of the shares of Avatar Spa, an Italian company with a registered stock of 155 billions of Euro. On the 3rd of June 2002, have been issued other 34 billions of Dhana, guaranteed by a capital of the nominal value of 850 billions Euro and on the 31st of July 2003 has been issued an other 60 billions of Dhana, guaranteed by a capital of the nominal value of 1,500 billions of Euro. To each person who takes part of the Republic of the Earth are assigned 100 Dhana at the only reimbursement of the issue cost, which changes depending on the Gross Domestic Product per capita of each Country. The provided total issue of beyond 493 billions of Dhana (one hundred for each member of the Republic of the Earth) is guaranteed by the capital of 732 holdings for a total nominal value of 12,329 billions of Euro. For every one hundred Dhana issued to be assigned another five will be issued addressed exclusively to humanitarian initiatives, for a total of beyond 24 billions of Dhana, guaranteed by a capital of the value of approximately 616 billions of Euro. For the humanitarian initiatives the currency has been issued in the denomination of one thousand Dhana. The Committee of the representatives of the Republic of the Earth has adopted the Regulations of Dhana that establishes the principles and the issue procedures of the currency and has instituted the Dhura Agency with the function of issuing Dhana and controlling its monetary system.




Holos Global System In the 2002, Holos Plan has been implemented again with other initiatives witch all together constitute Holos Global System, a program of thirty initiatives in order to face concretely the more felt and urgent problems of the humanity and specially energy, water, food, health, culture, social communication, production, economy, services, ecology, finance, savings, information, safety, aerial circulation, cybernetics, war industry conversion, research, social relationships, political functions, currency and cellular death. The currently provided total cost to carry out the program is of 11,452 billions US Dollar, approximately 49,650 billions of international Dollars PPP (purchasing power parity). The program and the relative clarifications have been sent to the States and the Governments of 234 Countries and numerous meetings are in calendar to agree the concrete performance, based to a Convention that establishes the rules and the relationships in order to obtain the best results.


International Conference of Jerusalem Peace is one of the fundamental aims of the Republic of the Earth and the essential proposition for the performance of the Holos Global System program on the entire planet. In order to contribute to the peace process, an international conference has been claimed and all the personalities of culture, science, economy, politics and religion of the entire world are invited. Between the 22nd and 30th November 2003, a week of participations and debates is provided in order to face the topics proposed by Holos Global System, with the Republic of the Earth and its currency. It will be the occasion to introduce and diffuse the program but also and above all to establish the sceneries and the conditions to carry out concretely the provided initiatives with the contribution of those who can and want participate for a better world.


August, 2003.

Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi, president of Holos Holding S.A.