Article 1

The seventh codicil of article 10 of the Republic of the Earth establishes that «The faculty to legislate is normally up to the international Assembly, but also the inhabitants of the Republic can take the initiative to propose, to approve and to abrogate them according to the law.»

Article 2

The laws are approved, modified and repealed by the International Assembly or by the inhabitants of the planet.

Article 3

All the inhabitants of the planet can present proposals of law to the international Assembly.

Article 4

The proposals of law must be presented in articles and be accompanied with a relation that contains the problems that agree to face and the solutions that are proposed to adopt.

Article 5

The International Assembly approves with the majority of its members the laws that regard the entire planet and with the majority of two-thirds party of its members the laws of review of the Constitution.

Article 6

The President of the International Assembly appoints a committee for proposals of law in which exponents of every matter that can be object of proposal of law are presented.

Article 7

Only the proposals of law not in contrast with the Constitution are permissible.

Article 8

The committee for proposals of law examines every proposal within six months since when it is received.

Article 9

Within six months since the aforesaid term, the committee for the proposals of law forwards the proposals to the International Assembly or declares it not permissible.

Article 10

To exception of the members of the International Assembly and the Government of the Republic, nobody can introduce a proposal of law before that previous proposal introduced for the same subject be approved or declared not permissible.