To feel to be

My name is Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi[1]. I was born in Italy[2]. Because my recent publication «Future» has made a certain impression and provoked unexpected curiosity, in this text I will report in brief the most important facts with which I engaged my self in the last forty years. It’s not a biography. They’re real facts. I’ll leave out the fist fifteen years of my life because they regard personal experiences that are of no interest to anybody.

In 1965, I met a Franciscan friar[3] that for the last thirty years had been carrying out the mission of verifying a series of historical and religious facts. Among others, he had visited India, Kashmir, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Nepal, Peru, Austria, France and Scotland following a parallel path through politic, economic, and religious events; through history, legend and mysticism.

And he had found the truth of facts. He had proved it with documents and collected what he had found in a big dossier that, after making a copy of it, he had delivered to who commissioned it. He explained me several concepts in physics, chemistry, biology, anthropology, sociology and theology and he had told me how some historic events actually took place[4]. Ten years later he gave me the copy of his dossier[5]. There are only other two. And they’re kept secret.

I’ve studied Franciscan friar’s dossier since 1982. I only new part of it, what he had told me. It left me speechless, disconcerted. According to those reports, photos and enclosed documents it resulted that nearly al history was thwarted. Things had gone in a different way from how they had been told and especially they had causes much different from the ones we know. Historic truth was completely different from effective reality.

After a sequel of meetings with several personalities[6] indicated in the dossier, at the end of 1982 I planned a program to face the forecasts I realised about. To affect the system one needed the required power and strength. First of all, solution ideas were needed. To carry them out it was necessary to produce resources and form an organisation in which experiment a process of atypical, original and non-common relations and behaviours. The resources had to be produced in an unconditioned way, to avoid the possibility of undergoing any conditioning in their use. The organisation had to be new, not just because it was necessary to indoctrinate its members, indeed to be able to trust people non-compromised by previous relations.

In 1985, I proposed the Carisma Plan aiming to induce the Italian enterprises to make new investments, to increase the production of products and services, eliminate black economy, push for the maximum reinvestment of wealth and make theCarisma Group [7] staff take part to the risks and results of the enterprises. The initiative is described in the text «The Carisma Idea »[8], written in 1990.

In 1990, I proposed the «Stellar System »[9], a new data processing interactive system that allows everyone to receive instantly a reply to whatever question that has already been given an answer, through 24 geostationary satellites linked to small palmtop terminals.

In 1991, I wrotePéntakos [10], translated and printed in all the main languages, in which I reported an objective analysis on the origin, cause and aim of reality and on principles and universal laws.

In 1992, I promotedRinnovamento [11], a contextual and planned reform plan for social, civil, politic, economic, moral and religious systems with a political proposal introduced to all Italian families with a land line telephone number, at the time almost 19 million. Rinnovamento tried to take part in 1992, 1994 and 1996’s political elections but the Italian political system had decided that Rinnovamento shouldn’t take part in the elections. And so, after the so much proclaimed «democratic revolution» of the beginning of the nineties, everything went back as before, indeed, according to the same Italian politic exponents, worse than before.

In 1993, I wrote, among others, «Ideas, words and facts »[12], «Fear »[13], «Holistic system and environmental basis »[14], «The super-relation of the human system »[15], «Caro Postéro »[16] and «To be and to become »[17]. With them I interpret the origins and causes of power, the structure of the human system and more generally of everything we perceive the existence of, the reasons for which I have decided to act and the strategy I follow. In the «Senza titolo »[18] movie I tried to communicate in a few minutes the origins and causes of the most recent history. Set a part natural environment phenomenon, nothing happens by chance. The so-called chance is always effect of the increasing of complexity. Everything is causative, provided or wanted. Even if sometimes chance manages to free itself from who has caused it in which case we have a peculiarity.

In June of 1994, I wrote the draft of the Constitution of the Republic of the Earth, a world government system directly elected by the inhabitants of the planet. It’s not the case of another empire, but of the only possible option to empires: the directive and active participation from the bottom to the organisation of human society. Thenotes [19] on the Constitution precise the principles and modalities for its carrying out.

At the end of 1994, I introduced in Italy a «national economic plan for the employment » that provides several new enterprises, especially in the south, aiming maximum employment and the participation of the workers to the management of the enterprises[20]. The huge financial resources for that plan were made available by private financers. The market outlet was assured by long-term selling contracts with deferred[21] execution beginning with many customers of 178 countries.

Beginning from 1999, I engaged myself with theHolos Plan [22] andHolos System [23]. Also in this case, ideas resources and organisation were needed. The ideas are the plans and the initiatives are concrete. The resources have been made available by who realised the situation could come to a head at any time.

In 2000,Holos Holding S.A. [24] launched the first Holos Plan, with the economic national plan for the employment, the universal enterprise, the via ether informative system (Stellar), a personal safety system, a new aerial circulation system (Air-X), a new payment system, a new system to transfer resources and products, a war industry conversion plan and the foundation of the Republic of the Earth.

The first of January 2001, at the beginning of the third millennium, theRepublic of the Earth [25] was founded and the first six millionDhana [26] were issued the 14th of June 2001, guaranteed by a capital equal to 150 billion Euros by means of aunilateral act of Holos Holding S.A. [27]. With theDhana Regulations [28], the Republic of the Earth establishedDhura [29], the body that issues Dhana and controls its monetary system.

In 2001, I wrote «the monetary disaster »[30], «Dhana and the history of currency »[31], «Religions »[32] and «They will say »[33]. The thirst to texts talk about the currency matter. The third was written in relation to September the 11th. The fourth is the collection of the judgements and behaviours that were probably going to take place against me.

In 2002, the Holos Plan was further implemented with other initiatives that, in their whole, constituteHolos Global System [34], aprogram [35] of thirty initiatives to face concretely the most felt and urgent problems of humanity and particularly energy, water, food, health, knowledge, social communication, production, economy, services, ecology, finance, savings, information, security, aerial circulation, cybernetics, war industry conversion, research, social relations, political task, currency and cellular mortality. Financial resources equal to about 12,500 billion US Dollars have been made available to achieve Holos Global System. On three conditions: absolute anonymity of the financiers for security reasons until the provided initiatives aren’t completed; addressing of the resources exclusively towards the carrying out of the program and not for its promotion; guarantee the resources can’t be taken away for any reason from the aim they’re addressed to. Therefore «Holos Bank »[36] was established, the body that manages the resources of Holos Global System.

Between 2002 and 2004, Holos Global System was sent, with special operative proposals, to the states and governments, to the social, politic, economic and financial organisations and to the major enterprises of all the countries. The «Rules for the spreading of Dhana »[37] was issued and published. The Dhanaissue agenda was précised[38].Non interest-bearing loans were proposed[39]. The answers to the most frequentquestions [40] about Holos Global System and the Dhana currency[41] were published. Holos Holding S.A. and its holdings’[42] resources (equity capital) were précised.Projeos [43] was established for the formation of the structure of Holos Global System. The criteria for the setting up of the Republic of the Earth International Assembly, the Regulations for its elections and for the formation of the Republic of the Earth Government and also the Rules for the formation of laws[44] were published. The « », web site was established, linked to the websites of the other initiatives.

In 2004, I wrote «Letter to the inhabitants of the Earth »[45] about the planet’s situation, «Republic of the Earth or Worldwide Empire »[46] about the matter of the United States of America’s hegemony, and «Proposal to the inhabitants of the Earth »[47], a precise proposal to face reality and transform it. «Balaloka »[48], the Republic of the Earth security force, and «Planet Fund »[49], the monetary fund of the planet’s inhabitants were established.

In 2005, «World 2005 »[50] and its relativenotes [51] were published, «Agenda 2005 »[52], and the «Letter of the Republic of the Earth about the necessity of a world government »[53], «Kayamara »[54] about the problem of cellular mortality and «The post-state-controlled civil society and the community's new order »[55] as peoples’ government concrete hypothesis were published. At last, the text «Future »[56].

From the 13th to the 19th of February 2005, the first election of the Republic of the Earth International Assembly was organised. The 1st of March 2005, the list of the 630 members of the Republic of the Earth International Assembly elected in between of the 13th and 19th of February was ready but, according to the «Electoral control committee» appointed according to the «Rules for the election of the International Assembly» article 8, the proclamation of 325 elected persons couldn’t be considered as certain, due to the continuous interruptions of the voting procedures illegitimately caused by the termination of the voting program by the computer services providers of some countries. Therefore, for a higher guarantee of the elected persons and of the voters, the election will have to be repeated through computer science instruments (Holos System) that no one can attack. The date of the new election will be fixed soon.

Beginning from the 7th of June 2005, in order to avoid the legal course currencies’ loss in purchase power, Dhana has substituted the fixed exchange rate of 1 Dhana per 25 Euro with the new fixed exchange rate of 1 Dhana per 1 gram of platinum 999/1000. The adoption of the new exchange rate is due to the conversion in platinum of part of the values pledged as guarantee of Dhana. Nothing changes for the Dhana with intrinsic value, which already had exchange rate par to 1 Dhana per 1 gram of platinum.

The 26 of July 2005, due to the new exchange of 1 Dhana per 1 gram of 999/1000 Platinum, decided the 7th of June 2005, the issuing cost reimbursement for the Dhana to be assigned has been adjustedproportionally per Country to the relative average per capita GDP [57].

Today a version of metal Dhana has been issued forpeace . [58]

In Italy, its more than twenty years I’m opposed. Unjust sentences have been ordered against me for facts considered accomplished before 1989. It’s a matter of judicial mistakes. They’re evident errors. And what’s worse is they don’t wont to accept rehearing requests based on facts that demonstrate I’ve never violated any norm. I’ve been unjustly imprisoned. Four times. For a few days. Unjustly, as results from theprovisions from the same Italian magistracy[59]. It’s years that not just groundless but also illegitimate judicial acts are moved against me. Inexistent incomes have been liquidated. There’s nothing that hasn’t been tried in order tostop the promotion of the Republic of the Earth and the diffusion of Dhana[60]. And still, nobody has ever been able to contest the 199 billion Euro capital of Avatar S.p.A. or the equity capital of the Holos group.

To defend myself, I haven’t used and will never use Holos Global System’s resources neither personal relations. It’s a commitment I’ve undertaken. Not just with the friar that gave me the dossier from which I started but first of all with myself. It’s a question of coherence, pride and dignity. Not only. It is also necessary to show that the world can be changed observing the actual rules, as can and must do every common citizen. I’ve never been and I’m not afraid of facing reality. Not just because I know that if something serious should happen to me or the people that help me, with the personal information that would merge and the reactions that would rise, all hell would brake loose, but first of all because I’m a honest person, that believes strongly in what he does and feels the moral duty of continuing. Certainly not for myself.

Now, there is a plan of initiatives to improve the planet’s situation. There are the material resources to make it concrete. The Holos Global System organisation [61] shall be formed with a structure [62] different and original compared to the hierarchical shape we all know. There are problems. Getting always worse and more impellent. In a short time the situation will become irreversible. What is it that prevents people from doing what the majority of them knows well would be necessary? It’s not a matter of dreaming indeed to face solvable real problems. What's needed in order to do it is the participation of al those for whom this plan has been conceived. Without ideologies, appearances and foolish ambition. The only thing that is worth when one wants to change is to act in order to put the solutions in to practice. Without fear. With the humbleness and pride to feel to be. To build the future. In a pacific way. Together it’s possible.

Thursday, 1st September 2005.

Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi


[1] Rodolfo is my name. Marusi is my father’s second name; Guareschi is my mother’s second name.

[2] I was born the 20th of January 1950, from a family of farmers. My father, Rodolfo Marusi, drowned in the Po River, at the age of 21, the 31st of July 1949. If someone hadn’t saved me, when I had almost stopped breathing, I also would have come to the same end, on the 31st of July 1971.

[3] I met him at school. At the end of the first lesson, during which we had a heated argument, he kept me in the class telling me more a less this: «You could be right, but is what people want to believe the most important thing or is it what it actually is?». I replied: «Who lies knowing what he’s doing could even be believed, but he will never have the strength that rises from one’s own self esteem. Unless he is hysteric.» And the friar: «I know what you mean. But also you will change, with time.» And I replied: «I will change every time it will be demonstrated I’m wrong and I will apologise. But it’s most probable the others and the things will change rather than I will change because of the others wanting it.»

[4] When I asked him why he was informing me of all those things, he replied serious with a reproach: «Didn’t you want to know? I trust you. You won’t change. I feel it

[5] Last time I saw him he said more or less: «They had promised me they would have said the truth. They won’t do it. Take this, its the copy of the dossier they have at … I signed it page by page. There aren’t any copies other than the one they will have kept at … I hand it to you, but never use it to defend yourself. Make so that it will be revealed only if something serious should happen to you. Now it is known it’s not right to keep the truth secret. People will have to know, one day. Ah, another thing. At the end of the third file you will find a list of names followed by certain subjects. Some are marked with an asterisk. If you want to know more about it, speak to those persons. One last thing: keep believing … keep fighting ... especially when it seems just after you have reached the last moment. In the end, they will understand

[6] I decided to set a part a few months to meet some of persons indicated on the last pages of the third file. But I didn’t know how. It isn’t easy to contact a Nobel, a philology professor, an illustrious anthropologist, a theologian, a religious chief, a politic leader. Among others, there was also a language problem. I had studied English and French at school, I could speak these languages but I couldn’t understand them well. So I tried in the truest way I could, by saying simply: «Tell ... that I’ve read his remarks with a Franciscan. I would like to meet him.»

A few hours later, I would receive a call with which they would fix date and place of the appointment. It was a great experience, indeed, determinant for my education. An old professor in physics told me: «You have to convince yourself that, generally, it’s useless to hope in human intelligence to solve problems. People live from hand to mouth. Look, more than thirty years ago we warned about the risks, indeed of the certainty of the effects of pollution. What was done in order to avoid it? Nothing. The important is to produce at low costs. Wait no, what am I saying; the important is to produce in order to strengthen the political and financial power of who owns it. And who has proposed other methods has been emarginated or killed. We are completely improvident. Things are wanted to be so. We only intervene when we are under discussion. My dream? That somebody would understand and have the strength to change things for the others. But I don’t think it will be possible, there is no subject with the necessary strength.»

And a criminology researcher: «Human beings aren’t aggressive natured. They become so when they blame the environment for the disasters produced by few people ... desperate persons. Science demonstrates that each living being, vegetal as also animal, is pushed normally to assert himself to protect himself and only in rare cases due to illnesses. To protect oneself also from the past, from remembrances... At a certain point people perceive as immanent an already escaped danger, a borne pain. People should believe more in their own capabilities of building a future upsetting the past. But this possibility could only take place if one part, a subject of the human system, after having reached a prevailing level in the human system, would accept to go down one level, inducing the parts that are under to push the whole level. Such push could affect the whole human system at an extent sufficient to interrupt the concatenation between cause and effect that makes future depend upon the past, freeing the energy necessary to provoke the change».

[21] A long-term selling contract with deferred execution is the agreement between who intends to produce goods and services and who is interested in buying them. It provides that the beginning of the delivery of the goods or of the performance of the services will start a few years after the date of the agreement.

[44] All the documents published on