The election of the Republic of the Earth International Assembly is fixed between the 15th and the 21st of December 2006.


The second disposition of performance of the Republic of the Earth Constitution provides that «the International Assembly is elected within three months from when at least one hundred and twenty million inhabitants will have taken part to the Republic of the Earth».

The first election took place between the 13th and 19th of February 2005 and the 630 Republic of the Earth International Assembly members were elected.

Even so, according to the «electoral Control Committee» appointed following the Rules for the election of the International Assembly article 8, the declaration of 325 elected people couldn’t be considered certain because of the continuous interruptions to the election procedures illegitimately caused by the deactivation of the election software by service providers of some Countries.

Therefore, to allow greater assurance of elected and electors, it was decided to repeat the elections by using informatics instruments (Holos System) that nobody can attack. Such instruments are already ready.

Subsequently it was decided to defeat the date of the first International Assembly election until the Republic of the Earth didn’t reach at least three billion adherents, considering that as the only way the International Assembly could represent the majority of the inhabitants of the planet at least sixteen years old.

The Republic of the Earth Government will be elected, and the first laws will be approved just after the elections of the International Assembly.

The Dhura body will start to accept Dhana in exchange of other currencies and the Holos Global System Program will be accelerated both beginning from the date of election of the Republic of the Earth Government.

Thursday, the 29th June 2006.

The Republic of the Earth Committee of Representatives.