You Heads of State and Government of the Earth, have assumed the task to manage Countries and Nations. You have accepted the responsibility to organize the social, civil, political and economic relationships of the Human Civilization. You have the power and the resources in order to assure to every person and every group freedom, development and solidarity. You have the right to discuss and the duty to decide, you have the function of being at the service of common people, you have the obligation to help the weakest people, you have the force to moderate the conflicts and to conquer the peace.


Why donít you do it? Who or what does prevent you from making what that all you have declared as your wish? Are you incapable? You cannot? You donít want? Are you managing the States and the Governments badly or the States and the Governments are not sufficient instruments for the improvement of the life of billions of human beings?


If it depends of you, accept replacement. If it depends to the States or to the Governments, declare it frankly. It will be better for all. You spend one tenth of the wealth of your Countries to produce weapon. You accept that one fifth of the world-wide finance is in the hand of criminal organizations. You guarantee a currency that is worth less of one per cent of the value it represents. You accept that two thirds of the humanity live under the survival limit in terms of food and sanitary care. You accept that million of children die of hunger. You accept that the Earth is more and more polluted.


Do you think to who? To you self or to who give you the power? Who has given the power to you? You have had it through the free will of the people or by the means that you have used to persuade them? Are you thinking how to defend the past or how to build the future?


Attention! People begin to understand. They begin to know your means. Within little time they will know how things are. If they discover that the situation of the world depends of you, they will not have mercy And all will have to start again.


December 2001.


Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi






I want to tell you what is the hell on the Earth.


Today, it is the hunger of a billion of human beings. The spontaneous diseases and those provoked by the distorted use of science. The terrorism. The injustice. The wars. The fear.

The insecurity. At the moment, hunger, war and fear do not touch the Heads of State and Government of the Earth.


Tomorrow, it could be different. The rats could exit from the drains of all the cities. The stock markets of the entire world could be blocked. The oil tanks could explode. Enormous amounts of gold could be offered on the market reducing the price to less than a dollar for ounce. The glasses of the houses and the buildings could crumble. Violent hurricanes could be provoked on the entire planet. Sonorous frequencies could be produced capable of destroying the hearing ability of the people. The planet could be hit by a light that increases the temperature of the atmosphere. The fission of the light could prevent the perception of all the colours.


To make all this, resources, ideas, energy, science and technique are enough. They are all things available to somebody. We try to avoid it if possible. You are also instrument of someone. Perhaps you should say to those "someone" that it is time to change. It is time to think how to have a defence without the need of destroying. It is time to turn the page.


One of the more hateful situations of the last fifty years is the Palestinian issue. Lets start from there. The United States must declare that they recognize the State of Palestine. Immediately. Without conditions. The acknowledgment does not have to be the result of a process but the beginning of a process. The Assembly of the UN is not necessary. The Security Council is not necessary. It is necessary that your Country recognize the existence of the Palestinian people and its right of having a State.


When? Before next December 23, it should be possible. Isnít it true?!


December 2001.


Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi







I travelled two times in Quetta for meeting you. I wished to suggest you to make an act of courage. The courage is showed by taking responsibility. It is not showed by killing others or by becoming self murder. You are accused of having intentionally organized the international terrorism and in particular the attacks of September 11 in New York and Washington.


You have the right of defence. I wished to suggest you to accept judgement by an impartial International Court, constituted by twelve judges, four of which designated by Muslim Countries. I wished that you could have the guarantee of free speak in your defence and the possibility to do it public for all the entire time that you would have thought necessary. I wished your personal security and that of your family to be guaranteed. I wished that any thing you have made could be useful to something.


You have not accepted. The Mullah Omar has made us to say that in order to meet you it was necessary to suspend the bombings. But the bombings are caused also because you were hiding and you denied your self. In our time, proclamations are not useful.


All must have the courage to face the judgment of the others. Especially who declares him self innocent. Now it seems to late. It is not true. Wherever you are (we know where you are) accept the proposals we managed to send you.


You are still in time. You will avoid an other bath of blood. Do it. Now. Immediately. Do it for that in which you believe. Perhaps you are fierce of what you have done. Or you will have shame. Perhaps you will be acquitted. Perhaps you will be condemned.


But it is always better than be escaping and hiding. In any case, everybody will know why you exist and why you have acted. Whichever the reason, people must know.


December 2001.


Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi