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Italy, October 2, 2001


Dear Mr. Annan,


I confirm that part of Holos Plan is the Republic of the Earth, a world-wide government of the inhabitants of the planet who want to be part of it. One of the targets of the Republic of the Earth is the redistribution of the wealth. Therefore the Republic of the Earth has emitted «dhana», a new universal currency, guaranteed by shares, thanks to donations made by Avatar Spa.


The Holos Holding S.A. of Luxemburg owns the capital of 155 billions of euro of the Italian company Avatar Spa. On June 14, 2001, Holos Holding S.A. has engaged 150 billions of euro with shares of Avatar Spa as guarantee of the first emission of 6 billions of «dhana», with an exchange rate of one «dhana» for 25 euro. Each participant to the Republic of the Earth receives 100 «dhana» free of charge. The first 6 billions of «dhana» are therefore divided between the first 60 million participants to the Republic of the Earth.


In order to multiply the effects of the new currency, the Republic of the Earth are in the position to emit an extra amount of 13,5 million of «dhana» and credit this amount at the disposition of the United Nations as aid in the Afghanistan crisis.


Holos Holding S.A. is ready to guarantee this new emission of «dhana».


We remain at your disposition for further information and action.


Best regards.


 The Republic of the Earth

Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi