For the majority of the inhabitants of the planet there is no freedom, no justice, no legality and no real democracy, while the concentration of wealth in few hands prevents general wellbeing. Four-fifths the inhabitants of the Earth live in poverty and many are in desperate conditions. At the same time, fear, insecurity and wars increase. The risk of an apocalypse is getting more and more concrete.

Some small national and international organized groups prevent millions of people from living in the best way as possible. Using legal tender currencies devoid of real value, they control the majority of the natural resources, of the production means, of the information channels, governments and mass organizations. These groups constitute the oligarchy of real power on the planet.

National states and their international organizations are instruments of this small minority controlling currency, productions means and information. This is why states are either dictatorships or apparent democracies. Through about twenty thousand people, these groups exert their power on all peoples.Theyíre the decisors: bankers, magistrates, policemen, soldiers and other institution and national states exponents.

Someone considers these decisors as guides, the leadership necessary to the evolution of humanity. Really theyíre just people chosen and designated by the top of the oligarchy, which gives them the fundamental function of keeping economic relations unchanged and guarantee the hegemony of the global elite.

Now that the development in technology would allow each human being to satisfy his own needs and to make those in bad conditions live better without making the well off live badly, who owns wealth becomes more oppressive and tries to keep, indeed to strengthen his own privileges.

We could have energy at very low costs and instead we depend on the usual multinational companies. Meanwhile, we have always less drinkable water, more people dieing of hunger and curable illnesses, less culture, less social communication, consumer prices increasing continuously, more pollution, more misinformation, less security, less freedom, less real democracy, more mysticism.

At the same time, we spend more for military apparatuses than for energy, more than half the available drinkable water is wasted because of the inefficiency of canalizations, a quarter of the food produced is destroyed and the production of low cost medicine is prevented to keep the market prices high, the nominal value of the monetary mass is par to more than fifty times the wealth yearly produced on the planet, the great majority of the peoples want peace while the states make war and that demonstrates that popular sovereignty is only apparent.

This situation depends from the hierarchical structure of the human system in a pyramidal shape made of double valence dyadic levels: each person represents itself compared to who is standing on higher levels while he represents the totality towards who stands on the lower levels. In this structure itís the level, and not personal value, determining the valence. Passing to a higher level requires an effort that very few people can bare. The hierarchical structure is selective: the strongest, most talented and most lucky ones use the others as their instruments.

Nothing can change without changing this structure. It will always seem that everything changes but really everything will remain as it was before. Even the greatest revolutions have provoked the substitution of the people in the higher levels but not the modifications of the structure of the system.

To change the hierarchical structure of the human system we must transform its vertical shape in a helicoidal shape and then in a sphere, passing from hierarchy, which establishes a mutual supremacy and subordination relation, to conarchy, which allows commanding in common, in union. We must eliminate levels, classes, ranks, and inequalities between the starting material conditions. And excesses must be limited.

This is only possible through a general gaining conscience of reality, undertaking of responsibilities and the concrete action of that very large majority of people finding themselves on the lower levels.

The new structure wonít have anymore-different levels but also different functions. Everyone will be able to have the same relation with production means and therefore there wonít be social ranks anymore. National states will be transformed in to administrative bodies, overcoming dualism between democracy as middle class dictatorship and proletariat dictatorship. The dictatorship of owners and the one of the proletariat are two political solutions for controlling the state. Abolishing the state both solutions are useless.

Everyone will be able to take part freely to a new social organization based on self-government of a post-state through a substantial democracy. A world government directly elected by the inhabitants of the planet will guarantee universal peace and the implementation of the essential rules for a civil cohabitation. Information will be true and free.

Speculative economy will be eliminated and real economy based on work will be supported. Ownership right deriving from torturous acts; taking away and wars instead of from work will be abolished. A real currency with real value representing work will be introduced instead oflegal tender currencies that should represent goods and instead represent debts.

All this is possible. Unfortunately, the great majority of the people perceives the problems but, for a lack of information, doesnít know the causes, therefore it canít gain conscience of reality and have the will and the conditions to change the shape of the system structure. Who controls banks controls currency. The ownership of production means can be acquired with currency. With the ownership of production means one controls information and exerts power economy and politics.

To allow the gain of conscience on the causes of the problems and make people gain conscience of reality people must be informed about facts. To be able to inform about facts it is necessary to isolate and make impotent the groups at the top of the power and the twenty thousand people through which they control Banks, finance, governments, magistrates, police, armies and other bodies through which a small minority manages to exert its hegemony on the entire humanity.

Itís the case of making a sort of caesura (yati), a suspension of the functions of the decisors in the main fields (politics, economy, finance, currency, justice, army, information, police forces), to free society from its vertex, the only real obstacle preventing the modification of the human system structure.

Freed by this obstacle, human society in its complex will be able to decide freely if to repeat the past or re-organize itself in a new way, in a more evolved structure, to build a future different the one that will otherwise attend us. Itíll be the first concrete thing to do and it may be the last occasion to change. If it will, there will be the pure universal democracy and perpetual peace that have been considered impossible until now. If not everything will remain as it was. Yati has only this objective: allow the majority of the human beings to decide freely about their future. Together itís possible.

Friday, 25 August 2006

Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi