The result of the referendum about the European Constitution was not an attack to the unity of European peoples but to the financial elite and to their bureaucracy as well as Islamic Terrorism is not an attack to democracy and to the way of life of the West but to its arrogance.

Terrorists know our democracies. They know their origin and purposes, reasons and effects, force and weakness, means and strategies, reality and appearance, truth and deceptions. Terrorists know them because they saw them act. They know their principles and concrete actions, words and facts, promises and non-fulfilments, ideals and shameful things. They know who and how we are. And they judge us for what we really are and do, and not for what we say we are and want to do.

Several European countries and the United States of America colonized, robbed, exploited, bombed, offended, humiliated the countries and the peoples of the rest of the world, they supported their dictatorships and stirred up wars. This is the story of the last centuries: the force of the minority created with the resources of the majority, the incessant use of the force of a minority towards a majority.

Their peoples accept the States of the richest countries. For self-interests, ignorance, fear, indifference. No one has sense of shame for poverty and despair of the majority. Islamic terrorism holds common people responsible for this, because they accept things as they stand. That’s why it is unscrupulous. It is the revenge of those who don’t have other means to face minority’s material superiority, a supremacy based on majority’s weakness. It is the despair of who doesn’t see other ways to change things. It is the breaking, the repudiation of the disappointed ideals, of every order of rank, of every apparent value, of a present without future. It is the doubt of who doesn’t believe in his own culture anymore, in his own morals, and neither in his own religion. It is the missing consciousness of the effects of violence, which does nothing but justifies the power of the strongest and the richest ones.

Terrorism arises and develops from all this. This is pure emulation of people who have never had scruples about sacrificing the life of the masses to protect and consolidate privileges. It is a mystic response, of passion and of rage. It is lucid madness. It is like the one of those who stirred up wars to produce more weapons, who overthrew governments peoples wanted, who tortured, who deceived and distorted the story. The only difference is that these terrorists don’t kill only the others but also themselves. They aren’t heroes, they aren’t warriors, and they aren’t original. They are imitations of a past and of a present we refuse to remember and recognise. Instead of shouting needlessly that we are all English, Spanish or American, maybe we should ask ourselves what are our responsibilities and if the time has come for all of us to become more human and more real.

11th July 2005

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