Diachronic synchronism

Friday, 4 November 2005

By combining scientific pragmatism and transcendental mysticism, with money and fear one can govern the world. Social, civil, politic, economic, moral, and religious behaviours of each country are controlled by money. Those who dispose of unlimited monetary resources influence families, parliaments, magistrates, governments, firms, culture and Churches. With money weapons are built and information is controlled, wars are provoked and peace conferences are organised, religious demonstrations are financed and contrasting fundamentalisms and integralisms are fomented, causing clashes between civilisations. All of this creates the conditions to have a unique arbiter.

For the last three centuries, a limited financial elite dominates the planet’s peoples and their institutions. It has wanted and financed the 1776, 1789 and 1917 revolutions; both the two world wars; Zionism; Islamic integralism and Christianity. This elite operates out of any code and it doesn’t undergo any control. It intends to maintain and indeed strengthen its power. At the beginning it adopted the Dominium theory, according to which in international conflicts it is probable that a defeat will be followed by further ones, as when the tiles of a domino placed one after the other in a vertical position, wobbling, they end up making also the others fall. Then it used the System theory, according to which content and relation can be individuated in communication, with a double cross exchange mechanism where each message contains the pure and simple information and even the clues about the more or less conscious intention of who issues the message. Then it imposed the minimax strategy of the Game’s theory, with which, even if not the best, it managed to minimize losses and errors. By controlling the information, it has then used the Theory of the operation conditioning, with which it has stimulated the masses’ behaviours, causing irremediable conflicts. At last, it used the resonance phenomena, through which relatively small force, applied repeatedly at opportune intervals as the ones of the already existing oscillations, produces and increase in width of the same oscillations, causing the so-called flutters, dangerous vibrations rising from sudden and violent self-inducted oscillations that can rapidly take apart a whole system. In the last thirty years it has experimented the Chaos theory but the mathematical instruments to face its systematic study were missing. Recent technological apparatuses are able to determine the effect of behaviours apparently unforeseeable and random. The «Diachronic synchronism» borne from this method, an operative scheme with which it is possible to know plural facts happening at the same time (synchrony) and analyse their evolution in time (diachrony).

Diachronic synchronism has been used for the war in Iraq. Since the coup d’état attempt in Venezuela in 2002 failed, without the war in Iraq, in 2003 a great part of petroleum experts would have been denominated in Euro and the Dollar would have undergone a between 40 and 80 percent devaluation in a few months. This choice, already adopted by Iraq on the 6th of November 2000, should have been discussed in Vienna from the 7th to the 11th of April 2003, in OPEC’s 4th meeting. This is why there was a rush for entering Baghdad. The rest is history. With false evidence and without UN resolutions, the war against Iraq started on the 20th of March 2003. United States’ Army took control of Baghdad on the 9th of April 2003, while the Vienna meeting was taking place. OPEC postponed the discussion about the denomination of the price of oil. Mr Bremer made the Iraqi oil be re-denominated in Dollars straight away. United States Army installed four military bases in Iraq from which they can control the entire Middle East. In the next meeting, OPEC decided to maintain the oil’s price in dollars, stating officially «also the euro could undergo a devaluation».

This way, for now, George W. Bush has saved the Dollar. Even if he shall be accused and shall resign, the Americans will have to thank him.

There is still some problem: war, insecurity, poverty, currencies with no value, pollution, injustice, apparent democracy, religious integralism, and death. But, the elite will provide … Unfortunately, chaotic system’s mathematics have a dangerous affinity with those of the Catastrophe theory, with which one can work out models to describe and provoke phenomena giving sudden changes due to a continuous variation of external conditions. The proof is the recent forecast of a scientific institute of the United States government, according to it, the average global temperature will increase by 8 centigrade degrees in the next 300 years … And that’s what’s going to happen, unless someone will prevent it. In the interest of the Earth’s inhabitants. Of everyone. It’s still possible. Using what the elite can’t know. If necessary, it will be done.

Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi