Origin and future

Tuesday, 8 November 2005

The existence of pure energy made up of elementary particles without space and without time, which originated universe and that still pervades[1] it, will be demonstrated[2]in a year time. It would have been demonstrated twenty years earlier if the resources already addressed to this research hadnít been diverted towards something else[3]. It will be the most important success achieved by human intelligence. It will explain the origin, the cause and the purpose of reality. It will let us understand the nature of energy without mass. The space and the matter through which energy evolves in time rise by the resolving of the energy without mass. It will be possible to recognize that there is no plan transcending reality and that everything began because the pure energy before space and time needed to pass from the simplest stage to the most complex one to reach the maximum perfection at the end of time. It will be understood that the rules are an effect of the events and in their turn cause other events and therefore the necessity for new rules. It will be discovered that the cause of the case is the increase in complexity. And that for each necessity, the first random solution remedying unbalance becomes rule. One of these rules is the hierarchical structure of reality, a selection process in which the weakest parts of the whole give energy to the strong ones. It will be understood that there is no transcendent entity[4] and no universal director, but just a concatenation of random events that sometimes cause evolution and sometimes involution. That the so-called sacred books are farces of reality and history. That no human being can represent a non-existing transcendent entity. And that no religious authority has the authoritativeness to impose others a certain way of life. Myths and ignorance will remain, but just because in order to win fear it seems easier to believe in life after death rather than accept the responsibility of living in a true, beautiful and just[5]way. This is human beingís madness. He can but doesnít want to. He knows but doesnít believe. He lives but wants to die. Heís intelligent but afraid. He knows himself but he needs faith in what exists. And really heís almost satisfied when someone takes advantage from it. With Holos Global System[6], the Republic of the Earth[7] and the Dhana[8] currency, this situation will change[9]. For a different future[10] . Without myths. Without falsities. With freedom, development, wellbeing, democracy, justice, security[11] and peace for each conscious human being.



[1] From CERN in Geneva

[3] To build settlements in Portugal

[4] Holos Global System Program (www.hgsp.org)

[10] www.bhavisya.org