The new reality


There are three typical reactions about the necessity and urgency for the ęRepublic of the EarthĽ as worldwide government directly elected by the inhabitants of the Earth: people either arenít aware, donít understand or pretend not to understand.

Who isnít aware perceives the national state as the only possible and necessary kind of territory sovereignty and considers the territory were he/she was born as private and exclusive property of the group he/she is part of. Obviously there is no problem when itís the case of expropriating land or taking away other peopleís resources.

Those who donít understand imagine a worldwide inter-state government meant as a ęsuper-stateĽ or better ęunited states of the worldĽ. Those who believe such hypothesis is unrealistic and dangerous, because such an entity would be an empire with the power to take any decision even if cruel justifying it with the welfare of humanity, are right. The worldwide government of a supranational state made up of all national states would mean to institutionalize the hegemony of the most powerful state on the others. History and recent events teach this.

Those who pretend they donít understand know that a worldwide government democratically elected by all the inhabitants of the world would have authoritativeness higher than the one of the national states and their international organizations. They Know that such a body would affect positively the relations between the peoples and states of the whole planet and would allow to achieve peace, justice freedom and wellbeing for all. It would be the end of all hegemonies on the peoples, the end of privileges and poverty, of ideologies and myths. It would be the hope.

Itís a dream, a fantasy, an illusion, and a utopia: this is what those who want to keep things as they are say. But, unfortunately, reality isnít a dream and is made of 6 and a half billion human beings, three quarters forced to live in bad conditions. And since itís at least thirty years that itís possible to make those who live badly live better without making those who live well get in worse conditions, sooner or later a change will be necessary. Then, if it will still be possible, everyone will wish to join the dream, the idea, of the new reality proposed by the Republic of the Earth.

The new reality canít be imposed or determined from who proposes but has to be perceived as necessary and useful from the bottom, from those who work and produce and also from those who would like to do so. Letís hope itís not too late.

Thursday, 2 March 2006.

Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi

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