I am Rodolfo Marusi Guareschi.

In this moment I find myself at home arrests, in Italy.

It is not right, is humiliating, but this is the truth.

This message has been recorded by a person who assists me and that will translate it in all the languages.

Not being able to move freely, I have had to cancel a series of engagements in Italy and abroad .

I ask excuse to the persons who I would have had to meet in last two months and in the near future.

I am unable and probably, it will not be possible for me to speak with they.

I neither have the time and the possibility to tanks all –private ones, representatives of states, governments and other organizations –who answered to my messages and invited me to came for a visit.

I make it now.


I have received various messages.

Do not move for me.

This vicissitude, like others, regards only me and I must face it alone .

I know that to remain blocked is useless and only a lose of time.

But it does not depend on me.

And you know that for principle I want to improve the rules observing the current ones.

Even if some are unjust and even if often they come applied badly or in unjust way.

If it is true, at the it will be demonstrated.

Not being able to speak with you, we will only be able write to each other.

Others, at my place, will take contact with you.

It will not change a lot.

My presence is not at all essential and it will be also easier to speak with who has assumed the task to realize the ideas in which it believes.

With you.

The constituted enterprises entirety are for a long time able to continue alone.

Those already promoted will be equipped of the necessary instruments to start up.

Keep firm to the principles, the engagements and the methods already established.

Communicated, discuss, decide and act.

keep confidence in your honesty, your intelligence and your job.

They will not betray you.

The ideas are those that I have written and on which we have discussed.

They are proposed solution regarding real problems, interesting nearly all.

No mater of the perception that we can have of the future, the truth of the facts is that one that all we know: egoism and envies in the social relationships; injustice and confusion in the civil relationships; appearing democracy and feint freedom in the political relationships; wrong distribution of the resources, concentration of the wealth and limited solidarity in the economic relationships; falseness and hypocrisy in the moral relationships; mysticism and fideism, and often unfortunately integral thinking in the religious relationships. Many of the plans that, in synthesis, I have introduced to you, will have to be adapted to your national reality, to the requirements more felt by the inhabitants of the various countries and to their vocations.

The thirty plans of the Holos program, with the Republic of Terra and Dhana, its currency, are not bizarre theories, like someone, with superior air and arrogance has defined them, but feasible, useful, necessary things, things that are made if is strained to us of understand and improve them .

Sure, they cannot be imposed.

In order to realize those plans all must participate in process that will make a better life for who today alive worse.

Without to make it worse for who is well.

You will have to act with pragmatism, realism, equilibrium, with the maximum responsibility, always thinking that if many problems remain unsolved it is because errors has been made.

It's depended by all of us.

It is not guilt of the destiny.

Ours is the guilt.

Even if we do not have all the same responsibilities.

The few that have decided that the things went that way are more guilty rather than the many who has have accepted it.

The resources are available.

It has been difficult to demonstrate to who possesses them that a change is requested and that it is possible to start a new process of development founded on truth, freedom, justice, democracy, acquaintance, participation, solidarity and peace, in order to obtain greater well-being for all and to construct together a different future ..

But. at the end, they understood.

The capitals are available in order to promote and to manage the proposed plans.

They are available and they cannot be embezzled from the purpose to which they are destined.

Not even to defend one self.

Also for this they are here.

But it does not import.

As usual the ideas always are realized by who have learned, not by who have elaborated them.

For this also the best ideas and theories have always demonstrated their limits when they have been put in practical.

Always they have been applied in a different way and not as thoughts.

And, always, the means have been transformed in purpose.

Who obtains a result stretches to consider it an aim for him self rather than means for a common aim.

I am convinced that this time it will be different.

Now the resources must be employed.

A already under way process must continue.

They can be destined to better produce means necessary for well-being.

To do it, organization is needed.

Everyone of the thirty plans of the Holos program has need of one more diffuse, strong and efficient structure of that current one.

Every participant must have one precise function.

He must study, know, communicate, discuss and act.

That way he will resolve its personal problems and will give a contribution in order to resolve the problems of the others.

And action is requested.

If the ideas and the acquaintances are not transformed in concrete actions, all remains like before.

I address therefore the inhabitants of all the countries and who are governing them, the press and all the mass media.

Look at the plans.

They are published, country for country on Internet holosh.com, asmad.org and many others.

Read with attention.

There are the data, the objectives, the instruments, the rules, the structures already constituted and the indications to form the new.

There are the systems of promotion, management and control of the single plans.

There are the values of emission of Dhana, the guarantees and the mechanisms of spread and control of the currency.

It is not science fiction.

With the Republic of the Earth it will be possible to have a politic of people for people.

It will be possible to have more democracy and more control on who governs.

It will be possible to face in new way the common problems without to destroy spite of everything, the good who has been made.

And, above all, it will be possible without violence.

In peace.

The peace is not the result of a process.

The peace is the presupposed one, the essential, indispensable condition, in order to construct a new process.

In these days it is asked to us if and in witch way the war justifies .

It is asked to us when it is necessary.

If it can be preventive.

The conflicts, the wars, have always one material cause, nearly always economic.

It is believed due to cultural, political, religious causes but, it is not true.

The war is always the contrast between who wants to impose the own will and who wants to conquer the freedom.

The contrast between power and freedom, hegemony and independence is born from the will or the necessity of possession of the resources and the wealth.

With the Dhana currency it will be possible to redistribute the wealth of the planet so that all can live, to work and to produce.

It will be possible that the natural resources are used and transformed by who have them, without being forced to export raw materials to low cost and to import finished product to impossible prices.

It will be possible to obtain an just compensation for just job and the assets that, working, are produced.

It will be possible to lead back the currency to its original function of measure of the value and medium of exchange.

It will be possible to escape to an expectable monetary catastrophe.

It will not be possible to avoid it because a mass of advanced money has been put in circulation thousand times to the value of the assets that guarantee it.

More of the value of the wealth that can be produced on the planet in fifteen years.

Quite more of the value of all the resources and all the existing assets on the earth.

The private ones will be able to use Dhana in order to acquire what serves for living, in order to exchange, in order to invest, in order to produce. The institutions will be able to use Dhana in order to perform their publics services .

The value of Dhana and its purchasing power will increase in the time because it will increase the production and the prices will be lowered.

Realizing these plans we will have more energy, more water, more health, more information, more acquaintance, more wealth, more well-being, more development, a healthier atmosphere, more order and more freedom.

And this, at the end, is what all we would have to wish.

I understand the scepticism.

After many promises not maintained, only an ingenuous one would believe to the dreams.

Well, try to think to these plans like a realizable dreams.

Not for someone.

For all.

I do not understand, instead, the hypocrisy, the badness, the cowardice, the weakness, the overbearing ness, the disinterestedness of who would have to receive these proposals with enthusiasm and instead feint not to hear or not to understand.

The skepticism is born from the fear and the recklessness.

Fear to lose what possessed and unconsciousness of what happens.

Having fear to lose what possessed born the legitimate suspicion that it has been stolen.

It is not sure true, but give this impression.

The unconsciousness of what it is happening make to think of ignorance.

Today, while three quarters of the humanity live with hard work and do not always succeed, nearly all of us can know, the ignorance is a guilt.

Therefore, no fear.

Enough justifications, enough wars, enough to wait for what the others make.

The chains of the past must break off and first of all we must break them off inside our self.

Many are already doing it.

Now is time for all the others.

Thanks for the attention.