Holos Global System, Republic of the Earth and Dhana currency

Holos Global System is a program of thirty plans to perform in every Country in order to face the more felt and urgent problems of the planet, especially energy, water, food, health, culture, social communication, production, economy, services, ecology, finance, saving, information, safety, aerial circulation, cybernetics, war industry conversion’s, research, social relationships, politics, currency and cellular mortality.

A total cost of 11,452 billions of US Dollars is estimated for carrying out the program. This amount is moved from the financial economy to the real and social economy. In the 2001 and the 2002, to carry out the thirty plans of the Holos Global System program, 12,441,616,445,458 US Dollars were put to disposition. Who has accepted to pay these capitals has asked the conditions to maintain the anonymity until when the program will not be performed, to assign the resources exclusively in order to carry out the program and guarantee of integrity of the value of the capitals.

The money was deposited in banks and other financial institutions guaranteeing the anonymity and preventing whichever embezzlement to the aim to which is destined. The approval of the capitals has been checked following the international laws and banking regulations. In forecast of the devaluation of the dollar and the loss of purchasing power of every currency, the paid amounts were invested in transactions and on 23 May 2003 the disposable capital was 16,165,468,420,746 US Dollars.

The employment of the estimate resources in order to perform the program allow to partially resolve the faced problems but it cannot cause, on its own, the definitive modification of the current social, civil and economic relationships. Because of the international political and monetary situation, once that the effects of the resources employed in the program are expired, everything could return as it is now.

The current political condition of the planet is the effect of the military hegemony of some States and of the nonexistent or appearing democracy in many Countries. Wide part of the circulating currency is employed in the financial and speculative economy instead of in real economy.

In order to modify the system's structure and avoid another decline, therefore also the modification of the political relationships and the restoration of the currency's original function as value measure and exchange mean of goods and services reveal them selves indispensable.

The Holos Global System program is valid but can only give the expected result if all the thirty plans are performed, also taking part of the Republic of the Earth and to the diffusion of the Dhana currency.

Enterprises capitals for a value of 12,925 billions of Euro are reserved to guarantee the 493 billions of Dhana to assign to whom makes part of the Republic of the Earth and the 24 billions of Dhana to issue towards humanitarian purposes.

The success of the Republic of the Earth guarantees the formation of a democratic worldwide government elected by the people, with a function of equilibrium towards the national and international institutions. The diffusion of the Dhana currency that can be used only in real economy guarantees the productive reinvestment and the fair redistribution of the produced wealth. Therefore, to allow that the Holos Global System program causes the wished effects, it is necessary that the States that want to adopt the program accept also the Dhana currency as exchange mean together with their national currencies and as value reserve’s.

In the Countries whose the States do not want to adopt the Holos Global System program in its entirety, it will be necessary to promote directly the program among the people, in agreement with the further-sighted social and economic groups.

August, 2003.