From Holos System to Holos Global System

Holos Global System with the Republic of the Earth and Dhana Currency

Péntakos (also Pentakos)

Ideas, words and facts


The super relationship of the human system

Holistic system and environmental base


To be and to become

Illiteracy in each country

International Assembly: election rules

International Assembly: composition

World-wide Summit of Johannesburg

Holos Global System

Dhana and Universal Enterprise

“Untitled” video

Regulation for the election of the Worldwide Government

Regulations for the formation of laws

Dhana and  the money history

Holos System (know how)

They will say

Holos Global System Plan

Programs and investments for county

Earth 2002-2003 and Holos Global System

Holos Structure

2003 - Holos Global System and Dhana in the world

Programs and investments for country

Earth 2002-2003 and Holos Global System